The 52’s Patriots (Millard South) American Legion baseball team had a long road in front of it going into Wednesday’s American Division finals on Thursday at Duncan Field.

  • Tyler Schuster

The Associated Fire Titans American Legion baseball team overcame seven errors to hold on and beat Union Bank 7-6 Tuesday night in the Class A state legion baseball tournament at Duncan Field.

  • Mike Zimmerman

Millard South is used to having to play with its life on the line and that showed in a 9-3 victory over Grand Island Tuesday afternoon at Duncan Field.

Stellar pitching, great defense and the ability to manufacture a run out of virtually any situation.

In the five games of the A-7 Area tournament, the Five Points Bank American Legion baseball team scored 53 runs, which helped the team overcome 11 errors during that span.

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We’re pleased that 20 years after Hastings and Ozu, Japan entered into an “exclusive” relationship, the sister cities’ bond is stronger than ever. That was easy to see last week as nearly 40 Ozu residents visited Hastings and took advantage of the city’s many cultural, educational and entert…

Is it too early to declare these the dog days of summer? That was part of a topic of conversation among a group of friends this week. Normally, I might say that I think it is a bit early, as usually I think more of the month of August if I hear the “dog days” phrase.

Property taxes paid on a specific piece of real estate or on tangible personal property is the product of the valuation of the property — determined by the county assessor — multiplied by the tax levy — the rate set by the board of the political subdivision collecting the tax. 

As I wake up to the news each morning, I find myself yearning for a box of Cracker Jacks — not the kind available in today’s supermarket, but the Cracker Jacks of my youth.


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