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CITY AUDITORIUM—Ken Allsman and Ron Breckner played ‘copy cat’ here Saturday night.

Both 1970 graduates of Hastings high school made their amateur boxing debuts while fighting for the Jerry Spady Boxing Club of Hastings on the Queen City’s first amateur boxing smoker of the season and what happened? Both recorded second round TKO’s over boxers from Archer.

“Ron talked me into boxing,” says Allsman, “I’ve only been training for four days and didn’t expect this to happen at all, but I plan to keep fighting.”

Allsman said he used a left jab and right cross to earn the early decision over Lyle Lyons in 1:10 of the second frame. He adds: “I used just about everything I could in the fight—I need the experience.”


The 18-year-old was a diver for three years on the Tiger swimming team. He captured fifth in the state swim meet his senior year and holds diving records in the Big Ten Conference meet and the Columbus Relays among others.

“I’ve always been in sports and boxing is new to me,” he explains, “I kept hearing jab, cross and that’s what I did in the fight.”

Boxing may be new to Allsman, but it’s familiar to Breckner, a former Tiger wrestler, who has been interested in the fight game ever since he watched the fight-of-the-week on television with his grandparents.

“I’ve been watching boxing ever since fifth grade and since I didn’t have wrestling this winter I decided to start now,” he says.

Training for about two months, the 128-pounder decked Dennis Brandenburg in 1:32 of the middle stanza of the three-round bout—22 seconds longer than his “student” Allsman.


“I wasn’t in real good shape, so I had planned to go easy,” he says, “But I started going good so I went all out and then I won.”

Althought he earned fourth place in the 115-pound class at last February’s state wrestling meet for coach Howard Sheley’s Tigers, Breckner claims boxing is more strenuous than wrestling.

“In boxing you have to go all out all the time or you’ll get knocked out,” he says, “But in wrestling you can ride at times, which gives you a little break.”

Terming it a tossup which sport he prefers, Breckner says both sports stress dedication and sacrifice, which make them worthwhile.


Besides those two TKO’s on the 21-bout program sponsored by the American Legion, five others highlighted the lengthy card. Valentine boxers recorded three and the Grand Island Latin Club scored two.

In team standings, Valentine was 7-0, Jerry Spady was 5-2, Grand Island Haile 4-2, Grand Island Latin 3-6, Red Cloud and Fairbury each were 1-3, Archer 0-3 and Sutton and Stromsburg were each 0-1 as nine teams entered fighters.

Pleased by the respectable crowd nearing 400 promoters said the season’s second smoker will be in early January.


Wayne Hosman, 137, Valentine, dec. Willard Saathoff, 138, Red Cloud.

Wade Stewart, 111, Valentine, dec. Sid Fentress, 117, Fairbury.

Leo Yaleff, 153, Valentine, dec. Gerald Spencer, 156, GI Latins.

Guy Tue, 164, GI Haile, dec. Carlos Henery, 159, Jerrry Spady Boxing Club.

Ron Knudsen, 129, Valentine, 2nd round TKO (1:35) over Myron Hinrikus, GI Latins.

Duane Schmidt, 163, Valtnine, 3rd round TKO (1:23) over Jim Martinez, GI Latins.

Ed Stewart, 145, Valentine, 3rd round (1:35) over Mike Favinger, 149, Jerry Spady Boxing Club.

Ken Allsman, 154, Jerry Spady Boxing Club, 2nd round (1:10) TKO over Lyle Lyons, 151, Archer Boxing Club.

Ron Breckner, 128, Jerry Spady Boxing Club, 2nd round TKO (1:32) over Dennis Brandenburg, 127, Archer Boxing Club.

Ken Hatra, 165, Jerry Spady Boxing Club, dec. Howard Deigley, 164, Red Cloud.

Bob Stillwell, 167, Valentine, dec. Jack Freeze, 172, Red Cloud.

Dan Fielder, 153, Jerry Spady Boxing Club dec. Tim Sorham, 152, GI Latins.

Joe Prunty, 145, GI Latins, 2nd round TKO (1:10) over Kerby Cole, 150, GI Latins.

Steve Fentress, 173, Fairbury, dec. Cy Whitebull, Archer Boxing Club.

John Hubl, 118, Red Cloud, dec. Rocky Maret, 121, GI Latins.

Jim Deveny, 170, Jerry Spady Boxing Club, dec. Steve Krause, Sutton.

Randy Kenny, 160, GI Haile, dec. Ed Tracy, 160, Fairbury.

Bob Smith, 167, GI Latins, 3rd round TKO (:55) over Ponce Tovar, 169, Fairbury.

Mike Struss, 158, GI Haile, dec. Bill Bigley, 161, GI Latins.

Bud Razey, 145, GI Haile, dec. Lonnie Erickson, 137, Stromsburg.

Don Cameron, 154, GI Latins, dec. Gary McClellan, GI Haile.


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