BC-SOC--CONCACAF Champions League Glance,0328

2021 CONCACAF Champions League Glance

By The Associated Press

All Tmes EDT-

(Home teams listed first)


First leg

Tuesday, April 6

Marathon (Honduras) vs. Portland (United States), 6 p.m.

Alajuelense (Costa Rica) vs. Atlanta (United States), 8 p.m.

Arcahaie (Haiti) vs. Cruz Azul (Mexico), 10 p.m.<

Wednesday, April 7

Saprissa (Costa Rica) vs. Philadelphia (United States), 6 p.m.

Leon (Mexico) vs. Forge-Toronto (Canada), 8 p.m.

Olimpia (Honduras) vs. America (Mexico), 10 p.m.<

Thursday, April 8

Real Esteli (Nicaragua) vs. Columbus (United States), 8 p.m.

Pantoja (Dominican Repuiblic) vs. Monterrey (Mexico), 10 p.m.<

Second leg

Tuesday, April 13

Atlanta (United States) vs. Alajuelense (Costa Rica), 6 p.m.

Portland (United States) vs. Marathon (Honduras), 8 p.m.

Cruz Azul (Mexico) vs. Arcahaie (Haiti), 10 p.m.<

Wednesday, April 14

Forge-Toronto (Canada) winner vs. Leon (Mexico), 6 p.m.

America (Mexico) vs. Olimpia (Honduras), 8 p.m.

Philadelphia (United States) vs. Saprissa (Costa Rica), 10 p.m.<

Wednesday, April 15

Columbus (United States) vs. Real Esteli (Nicaragua), 8 p.m.

Monterrey (Mexico) vs. Pantoja (Dominican Repuiblic), 10 p.m.


First Leg April 27-29

Second Leg May 4-6

Cruz Azul-Arcahaie winner vs. Forge-Toronto_Leon winner

Monterrey-Pantoja winner vs. Columbus-Real Esteli winner

Philadelphia-Saprissa winner vs. Atlanta-Alajuelense winner

America-Olimpia winner vs. Portland-Marathon winner


First leg Aug. 10-12

Second leg Sept. 14-16

Cruz Azul-Arcahaie_Forge-Toronto_Leon winner vs. Monterrey-Pantoja_Columbus-Real Esteli winner

Philadelphia-Saprissa_Atlanta-Alajuelense winner vs. America-Olimpia_Portland-Marathon winner


Oct. 26-28

Semifinal winners

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