City, county to participate in Greenlief study

The city and county will participate in a study this summer that intends to raise awareness about the Greenlief military training facility east of Hastings.

The U.S. Department of Defense’s office of economic adjustment conducts studies around military training facilities in order to monitor the land use around the sites and raise community awareness about the activities that go on there. This is one such study, and its success depends on the participation of local leaders.

At its meeting Tuesday, the Adams County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution supporting a joint land use study between the county, the city and South Central Economic Development District (SCEDD), which is administering the federal grant for the study.

The study will include a large PR campaign about the Greenlief site lead by Matrix Design Group, a consulting company out of California, and mapping and land use studies in the area around the facility.

“The main purpose of the study is to open the lines of communication between the city, county and the site in order to make effective land use and zoning decisions, as well as raise awareness about the site,” said Bobbi Pettit of SCEDD.

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