National exposure piques crane interest

National news coverage from CBS and NBC and other media outlets continues to boost interest in the annual migration of sandhill cranes as they make their spring pilgrimage to warmer climates along the Platte River in south central Nebraska.

At Adams County Convention & Visitors Bureau, web hits targeting Sandhill Cranes are up 30 percent this season, executive director Kaleena Fong said. And at least part of that increase can be attributed to the national coverage the migration has received this season on NBC News and CBS Sunday Morning.

“There are people coming in every day saying, ‘Where do we see the cranes?’ Fong said. “To have both of those national TV shows highlight the migration in the same year is really very signifigant.

“That for us is a huge value. We don’t have the budget that big cities have — like with Mt. Rushmore or Yellowstone — so for us to be able to get that type of promotion exceeds what we would ever be able to pay for.”

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