Zion attempt to re-tell Old Testament in 10 minutes

Students at Zion Lutheran School will venture to tell the entire Old Testament story in a mere 10 minutes in the humorous musical, “The Old Testament Fast Forward,” on-stage at 7 p.m. Friday at Zion Lutheran gymnasium, 465 S. Marian Road.

Admission is free for the performance, but a freewill offering will be taken. The students also had a performance this afternoon.

Christine Niemeyer, the school’s vocal and instrumental instructor, is directing the biennial production, which involves the entire student body and teaching staff in some capacity.

“It’s definitely a group effort,” Niemeyer said. “It’s not something one person can do on their own.

“It’s a great learning experience for the kids working together. We have a lot of talent out here.”

Because there are many characters featured in the cast, several students will play multiple roles in the production, which was composed by Tom Long and Allen Pote. The production is the second in a row presented by Zion from the Illinois-based Hope Publishing company writing team.

“It is a very humorous portrayal,” Niemeyer said. “As the show goes on, they keep announcing they need more time as they try to go as fast as they can, fitting in as many characters and accounts as they can. In the end, they conclude there’s too much there and encourage the people to just read the Bible themselves.”

Rehearsals have been ongoing since January. The idea of kindergartners interacting with older school mates is nothing new at Zion, where the concept of family is promoted on an ongoing basis.

“It’s something I’m especially proud of here at Zion,” Niemeyer said. “The older kids are used to mixing with the younger kids to form ‘chapel families’ here on Wednesday mornings. The younger kids really look up to the older kids and are used to working together. They get along really well.

“We’ve had pretty good experiences rehearsing. It’s kind of hectic at times but we’ve been pacing ourselves well.”

While the shows figure to be well attended by church patrons, Niemeyer extends an invitation to all in the community to witness what promises to be an entertaining production suitable for all ages.

“It’s just a real enjoyable show to watch,” she said.

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