Hastings resident Dan Peters finds tropical escape

It started with a boat ride.

A tape of the recording "Fruitcakes," played while cruising on the boat of his father and stepmother in Indiana turned Hastings resident Dan Peters into what is commonly referred to among Jimmy Buffett fans as a "Parrothead." Peters, 34, an executive account advisor at Credit Management, has been following the internationally famous island escapism-style singer since high school.

He has seen him in concert 20 times, traveling to Indianapolis, New York City, Omaha, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, and Denver in the process. A longtime member of Buffett fan clubs in Omaha and New York, he co-founded the Lincoln Chapter of Buffett followers, "The Corn Republic Parrothead Club," in 2009. His home is a virtual shrine to his favorite entertainer, featuring autographed photos and memorabilia on display from wall to wall.

"The goal of the house, as tactfully as possible, is to be able to stand anywhere in the house and see something that's Jimmy Buffett-related," he said. "It has posters, autographs, and items that I picked up either on the Internet or charity auctions, and trinkets I've picked up over the years as well."

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