Students, staff plant Earth Day awareness at CCC

It begins with a seed, Sean Herold said.

In the sunny, slightly blustery weather Tuesday afternoon, Herold and several other students scooped soil into reusable garden planters and prepared their own humble, portable gardens on the campus of Central Community College-Hastings.

They deposited the seeds of Nebraska wildflowers or the acorns of yellow buckeye or burr oak trees into their tiny pots, with the intent of transplanting the greenery into bigger gardens down the road.

In a similar way, the seed of sustainability awareness only takes a little bit of nurturing to turn into something larger, the students testified. Herold and several other students and faculty members exhibited that process with a series of Earth Day events on the campus Tuesday.

“I think that the sustainability movement should be focused on reducing and reusing materials, because that’s where it starts,” Herold said.

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