Faces of Business: John Walz

John Walz talks about his new store, Food Cupboard
Discount Groceries, July 16 in Hastings.

One of the first stores John Walz looked for when he moved to Hastings three years ago was a discount grocery store.

With a family of 12 to feed, Walz needed to be able to buy food and household items at a reduced rate. In his home state of Wisconsin, he would buy from discount grocery stores.

"There are quite a few of these type of stores in Wisconsin," he said. "Nobody had even heard of anything like this here."

Discount grocery stores sell items that have been discarded by traditional grocery stores. The packaging could be damaged — dented cans, for example, or partially crushed boxes. Alternatively, the products could be approaching the Use By date or have been pulled from seasonal displays.

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