Kool-Aid kooks heat up CCC kitchen

Abby Klatt mixes Kool-Aid with water and sugar before adding milk to
make a cherry drink during Kooking with Kool-Aid Tuesday at Central
Community College-Hastings.

Imagine cooking with Kool-Aid. How would it taste with cooked carrots, in chicken salad or on top of ice cream?

Six young chefs got to try their hand at those recipes and more Tuesday during the Kooking with Kool-Aid class at Central Community College-Hastings.

“I have tried everything that we’re making tonight,” CCC instructor Lindsay Higel told the chefs.

“My favorite is probably the sundae topping that goes on top of ice cream because it goes on ice cream and it’s super bright and colorful,” she said.

Higel had the students break into groups of two to put together the first three dishes of the afternoon, which were whipped lemon butter, lemony chicken-fruit salad and glazed carrots.






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