Kool-Aid Days 'awesome' new experience for first-timers

Lillian Nelson, 1, keeps a firm grip on her Kool-Aid Days
cup Saturday.

The rain stayed away and warm weather prevailed as thousands flocked to Hastings this weekend to celebrate the state's official soft drink at the Sweet 16 Kool-Aid Days festivities.

From Friday's Jammer races to Saturday's Koncert to Sunday's Kardboard boat races — and everything in between — participants of all ages basked in the warm glow of late summer fun, enjoying all there was to enjoy.

The 16 flavors of Kool-Aid being served at the World's Largest Kool-Aid Stand disappeared by the gallon, including concoctions like the "suicide" flavor served at Hastings Museum Sunday.

Kool-Aid Man was out in force throughout the weekend, sporting both his classic look design from years past and a bold new appearance mirroring his latest transformation in commercials. The gigantic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloonicle showcasing Kool-Aid Man's pitcher-shaped image was back again this year, keeping a watchful eye over festivities near Hastings Auditorium and later at Lake Hastings for the Kardboard Boat Races.

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