Ice Bath

Juniata Elementary principal Jennifer Pohlson reacts as
sixth-graders Xavier Robinson (left), Mollie Kubicka and
Jake Stoner (right) pour ice water over her head Tuesday
afternoon at the school. Pohlson was nominated by Adams
Central East principal Lonnie Abbot to take part in the
ALS ice bucket challenge, a fundraising trend sweeping
the nation and raisng money for research. Pohlson
nominated other school staff members and donated $100
to the cause.

JUNIATA — The Ice Bucket Challenge has become an instant social media phenomenon that has included everyone from former President George W. Bush to Lady Gaga and everyone in between.

The idea is that a person is challenged to pour a bucket of ice cold water over his or her own head and then donate money to the ALS Association to help in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

On Tuesday, Adams Central elementary principals Jennifer Pohlson and Allyson Bohlen took on the challenge from fellow principal Lonnie Abbott to get doused by ice water.

Pohlson decided to let one student from each of the seven grades at Juniata Elementary help her with the challenge. The amount of water ranged from the size of a Kool-Aid cup poured onto her by a kindergartner to a sixth-grader who used a washtub.

“The containers got larger as they got older,” Pohlson said. “I was doing fine until that wash tub. That took my breath away. We had 20 pounds of ice that we put in all the containers."

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