Building something acoustically sound

The current gymnasium in Minden High School acts as the
school's auditorium with chair seating on the floor and
additional seating above.

MINDEN — Throughout Phil Fahrlander's 29-year career as the Minden High School band teacher band concerts took place in C.L. Jones Middle School.

He retired in 1997, but that is still where concerts take place. The average concertgoer probably doesn't notice any different, but Fahrlander said it was a shame his students went spent all that time practicing and then the performance occurs in a gymnasium.

"There's no gymnasium built I've ever been in that's acoustically sound," he said.
"They're loud and have hard surfaces all four directions, which means the sound bounces around. For all those years I would spend weeks and weeks preparing our band to provide as quality a program as we could possibly do in the time we had and we'd go into the gym and it would be all around wasted because all it was was a lot of loud volume."

That is why a 600-seat auditorium with a balcony is included in the proposal to build a new high school.

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