Learning a struggle in hot classrooms

A sign on the lunchroom door at Longfellow Elementary urges
students and staff to keep the cool air inside. Only a few
rooms at the school have air conditioning.

Imagine walking into a classroom at 7:30 a.m. to find the temperature has already hit 85 degrees.

Within an hour's time, the room will be filled with nearly 20 young students who will struggle to learn as the temperature only continues to rise.

The teacher takes the students to another room that has air conditioning just to give them a few minutes reprieve several times throughout the day.

By 1 p.m., though, the doors of the school bust open as the students leave for the day, two-and-a half-hours shy of a normal school day.

That's the situation for some elementary students at Hastings Public Schools this week where some classroom temperatures have soared past 100 degrees. It's a struggle for students to learn in the heat.

"I hate to even lose a minute of instructional time but the weather of Nebraska and the condition of the educational facilities forced me to close school when I would rather not," said Superintendent Craig Kautz.

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