Revive buys new house for sober living program

With the help of the community, women in a sober living home in Hastings will soon have a much shorter trip between their house and their meetings.

Revive Inc., which operates Horizon Recovery and Counseling and the Unity Houses, recently purchased a new home for their women’s sober living program.

In order to move the women in, new fire sprinklers and flooring need to be installed.

And that takes money.

Revive director Dan Rutt is asking for the help of the community through financial donations or small purchases in the women’s bedrooms to help make the house a home.

“We would really like to redo the bedrooms and make them really nice for the gals,” Rutt said. “I think if we get this gussied up, the gals will like it.”

Rutt said the purchases of even the simplest things like new towels and window treatments help to show the women that people care about them.

“Most of the people we work with have been hurt somewhere along the line,” he said. “If they find out people care about them, it’s overwhelming for them because no one has cared for them before.”

For information or to make a donation, call 402-462-2066 or email

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