Eight babies in nine months

Eight employees of McDermott & Miller had babies born
within a year of each other. From left is Curtis Thompson
with son Owen, Elsa Barr with daughter Kinley, Jake Klabenes
with daughter Cadence, Brooke Pauley with daughter
Anastasia, April Coufal with son Landyn, Allison Petr with
daughter Audrey, Adam Jacobitz with daughter Emmery and
Michelle Magarin with daughter Tessa.

There are eight business men and women who, thanks to their teamwork and feisty spirits, are making a splash on the scene of new and emerging talent in the Hastings community. 

They wake early in the mornings, but they also know the value of a good nap. They don’t say much, but they do raise their voices when necessary. They even lead others to bend schedules and re-plan meetings to suit their needs.

All eight of these formidable individuals are nine months old or younger, and all are the newborn sons and daughters of employees at the Hastings office of McDermott and Miller, CPA.

“It’s quite a crew!” said Mike Walenz, partner in charge of the Hastings office of McDermott and Miller, as all eight babies and pπarents assembled for a group photo Aug. 23. 

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