Faces of Sports: Dean Pryor

Hastings College football coach Dean Pryor.

When Bill Parcells was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this month, he was sure to thank the person who gave him his first coaching job out of college.

That person was Hastings College's Dean Pryor, who was the Broncos' head coach from 1964-66.

"He taught me one vital, vital piece of information that I took with me and preached to every organization, to every university, to my coaching staff, to my individual coaches, and I remind myself every day," the 71-year-old Parcells said during his induction speech Aug. 3 in Canton, Ohio, which was attended by Pryor. "And that vital piece of information was, 'Bill, the players deserve a chance to win, and you as an organization or university or a coaching staff or an individual coach and a head coach have an obligatory responsibility to give it to them.'

"And I thank Dean for that piece of advice because I carried it with me and preached it all of my life."

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