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^Has Hong Kong already lost its battle against Chinese authority?<

HONGKONG:LA — They are calling it Hong Kong's "last battle" — a David vs. Goliath struggle to prevent China from encroaching on the city's freedoms and autonomy — as Hong Kong authorities face massive opposition to a bill that would enable extradition to the mainland.

But with China's increasingly assertive approach to Hong Kong, the battle may already be lost.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam — who last year told a journalist that her favorite politician was Chinese leader Xi Jinping — insists the bill will go ahead.

1350 (with trims) by Robyn Dixon in Beijing. MOVED


^How hundreds of children were infected with HIV in one Pakistani district<

PAKISTAN-HIV-CHILDREN:LA — In February, a handful of parents in southern Pakistan's Larkana district brought their children to physician Imran Arbani's clinic with similar symptoms, including pneumonia and uncontrollable fever. Arbani eventually asked a father to have his 16-month-old daughter tested for HIV.

"He got angry with me," Arbani recalled. "He knew HIV was often spread through unsafe sex. He was an educated person but it took me a good two or three hours to convince him" to get his daughter checked.

The test came back positive. Six weeks later, Arbani had confirmed 20 HIV cases among children. Now more than 750 new infections have been reported in Larkana, including 615 children, an outbreak that World Health Organization officials describe as unprecedented among young people.

950 (with trims) by Shashank Bengali and Aoun Sahi in Islamabad. MOVED



^Iran frees imprisoned US resident as diplomacy gathers steam<

IRAN-PRISONER-FREED:BLO — Iran freed a U.S. resident imprisoned on espionage charges, a possible overture toward the Trump administration as international efforts to end a bellicose standoff between Washington and Tehran gather momentum.

"After more than 1,350 days in captivity in Iran, we have received excellent news: Mr. Nizar Zakka is a free man," his Virginia-based lawyer, Jason Poblete, said in a message on Tuesday. He "looks forward to reuniting with family and friends."

400 by Ladane Nasseri in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. MOVED


^Ai Weiwei visits Assange in prison hospital<

ASSANGE:DPA — Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a London prison hospital on Tuesday, saying that his health is "deteriorating" and urging Britain and other European nations to prevent his extradition to the United States.

Berlin-based Ai said he visited the Australian national at Belmarsh prison alongside Assange's father on Tuesday, one day before a British court is scheduled to hold a case management hearing on a U.S. extradition request.

250 in London. MOVED



^Trump and Biden trade barbs as they both head to Iowa<

TRUMP-BIDEN:LA — President Donald Trump couldn't wait to arrive in Iowa before attacking Joe Biden. And vice versa.

With the two rivals both campaigning in the state later Tuesday, and a potential 2020 election matchup between the two 70-something white men coming into clearer focus, the bitter back-and-forth began early and kept up all day, a possible sign of the tumult to come.

800 by Eli Stokols and Janet Hook in Washington. MOVED


^House authorizes going to court over Barr and McGahn subpoenas<

CONGRESS-SUBPOENAS-1ST-LEDE:LA — House Democrats on Tuesday voted to authorize going to court to enforce their subpoenas against Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Donald McGahn, the most dramatic move yet to prod the Trump administration to respond to Congress' oversight inquiries.

But the House stopped short of holding either man in contempt of Congress, a stronger action that was recommended last month by the House Judiciary Committee.

950 by Jennifer Haberkorn and Chris Megerian in Washington. MOVED


^Jon Stewart excoriates Congress for 'shameful' support for 9/11 victims fund<

CONGRESS-911FUND:NY — Maybe this time will do it. Maybe Congress finally got the message, and after 18 years will pass permanent legislation to help Sept. 11, 2001, first responders.

At least, members of the House Judiciary Committee said they would Tuesday as they heard testimony on a new bill to fully extend the expiring Victim Compensation Fund that has already slashed payouts by more than half.

All it took was the pleas of medical experts, survivors, a newly widowed mom, a dying NYPD detective and an absolute blistering by former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.

850 by Michael McAuliff. (Moved as a Washington story.) MOVED


^Facing new scandals, US Catholic bishops try again to devise ways to police themselves on sex abuse<

RELIG-CATHOLIC-BISHOPS:PH — Amid a clergy sex abuse scandal that has shown no sign of abating, America's Roman Catholic bishops began their annual spring conference Tuesday with pledges to implement a series of first-ever measures aimed at holding each other accountable for misconduct.

Up for debate are new protocols for investigating prelates accused of failing to adequately respond to abuse or, in some cases, of committing sexual transgressions themselves.

But while nearly all the prelates gathering in a hotel ballroom on the Baltimore waterfront acknowledged that something must be done to restore the faithful's trust in their leadership, passage of the protocols up for debate is by no means assured.

950 by Jeremy Roebuck in Baltimore. MOVED


^Border spending package seeks aid for migrants, but no money for Trump's wall<

CONGRESS-SPENDING-BORDER:CON — The Senate Appropriations Committee plans to take up a supplemental spending bill next week to address the surge of migrants at the U.S. southern border, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday.

The decision marked the first sign of movement on a stand-alone border funding bill, which President Donald Trump first requested on May 1. Republican leaders had tried to include the money in a $19.1 billion aid package for victims of natural disasters that cleared Congress last week, but Democrats objected, citing various concerns over family detention policies and information sharing about undocumented immigrants among federal agencies.

800 by David Lerman in Washington. MOVED


^Graham gets Trump official to confirm 2013 bill would have made border 'more secure'<

IMMIGRATION-GRAHAM:WA — U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham put his reelection at stake in 2014 for helping champion a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration bill the year before.

On Tuesday, at a closely watched congressional hearing, the South Carolina Republican reminded everyone of that fact — and got a Trump administration official to confirm under oath that, had that bill been signed into law, many of today's border security hurdles would be moot.

850 (with trims) by Emma Dumain in Washington. MOVED


^Saudi arms resolutions are within rules, McConnell says<

USSAUDI-ARMS:CON — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday said he believes a bipartisan effort to force floor votes contesting the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and other Arab states is in line with Senate rules and procedures, despite the State Department's declaration last month of an emergency situation in order to skirt congressional oversight.

"My understanding is there would still be a vote triggered no matter which path the administration chose to go forward on the sales," McConnell, R-Ky., told reporters in response to a question by CQ Roll Call.

600 by Rachel Oswald in Washington. MOVED


^Former environmental chiefs blast EPA's retreat under Trump<

EPA-EXADMINISTRATORS:BLO — Under President Donald Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency is abandoning its core mission to protect the air, water and human health, former leaders of the agency told Congress Tuesday.

"Under the current administration, the EPA is retreating from its historic mission to protect our environment and the health of the public from environmental hazards," said Republican Christine Todd Whitman, who led the agency under former President George W. Bush.

550 by Jennifer A. Dlouhy in Washington. MOVED


^Trump's plan for finding oil in Alaska may put polar bears at risk<

ENV-ARCTIC-DRILLING:BLO — Concern that heavy machinery rolling across an Alaskan wilderness in search of oil would crush some polar bears to death stopped the Interior Department from approving a seismic survey in the area earlier this year.

But the alternative — a low-flying plane making frequent passes over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — could still disturb polar bears, seals and calving caribou, according to conservationists and the Interior Department's own experts.

1200 (with trims) by Jennifer A. Dlouhy in Washington. MOVED


^Prosecutor: Fotis Dulos' DNA mixed with Jennifer Farber Dulos' blood on faucet in her home<

^MISSINGMOTHER-1ST-LEDE:HC—< Investigators found the DNA of Fotis Dulos mixed with Jennifer Farber Dulos' blood on a faucet in the kitchen of her New Canaan home, State's Attorney Richard Colangelo told a judge Tuesday to counter a defense attorney's bid to get Dulos' bail reduced.

Colangelo strongly objected to the bail reduction for Dulos, the estranged husband of the missing mother of five, telling Superior Court Judge John F. Blawie in a packed Stamford courtroom that there was no reason for Dulos' DNA to be on the faucet. He asked the judge to raise Dulos' bail from $500,000 to $850,000. Farber Dulos' New Canaan home is one of several locations investigators have searched since her May 24 disappearance.

1300 (with trims) by Dave Altimari, David Owens and Nicholas Rondinone in Stamford, Conn.. MOVED


^NTSB investigators pore over NYC helicopter crash site as relatives of pilot grieve<

NY-COPTER-CRASH:NY — Investigators worked on Tuesday to unravel the events that led to a deadly helicopter crash atop a New York City skyscraper, hopeful that data from the chopper's instruments would help clarify calls made by the doomed pilot before he crashed-landed.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators, on their first visit to the wreckage on the roof of 787 Seventh Ave., were focusing on why veteran pilot Tim McCormack chose the route he did in heavy rain and poor visibility on Monday, particularly since he was flying in restricted air space in Midtown Manhattan.

600 by Esha Ray and Graham Rayman in New York. MOVED


^Prosecutors seek 13-month prison sentence for ex-Stanford coach in admissions scandal<

CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD:LA — The fate of John Vandemoer, the former sailing coach at Stanford University who participated in the college admissions scandal, will take one of several very different turns Wednesday when he is sentenced in a Boston courtroom.

If U.S. District Judge Rya W. Zobel abides by federal sentencing guidelines, she will put Vandemoer behind bars for somewhere between three and four years. Prosecutors, meanwhile, initially told the judge they believe Vandemoer deserves 18 months in prison and then, last week, downgraded their recommendation to 13 months.

1150 by Matthew Ormseth and Joel Rubin in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Mike Pence defends ban on flying pride flag at embassies<

^USEMBASSIES-PRIDE-FLAG-PENCE:NY—<Mike Pence says the pride flag shouldn't fly on equal footing with the Stars and Stripes.

The vice president defended President Donald Trump's ban on hoisting the rainbow banner along with the American flag on U.S. Embassy flagpoles, according to NBC News.

"When it comes to the American flagpole and American embassies and capitals around the world, having the one American flag fly is the right decision," Pence told the network.

200 by Dave Goldiner. MOVED


^Central Park Five prosecutor Linda Fairstein slams Ava DuVernay's series 'When They See Us' as an 'outright fabrication'<

CENTRALPARKFIVE-PROSECUTOR:NY — Former city prosecutor Linda Fairstein is giving two thumbs down to Ava DuVernay's new miniseries about the Central Park Five case.

Fairstein, who's been hit with a wave of criticism for her handling of that case, slammed DuVernay's "When They See Us" as an "outright fabrication" that is "full of distortions and falsehoods" in a biting op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal.

400 by Peter Sblendorio in New York. MOVED


^Mar-a-Lago intruder deemed mentally competent and allowed to represent herself at trial<

MARALAGO-ARREST:MI — A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the Chinese woman accused of trespassing at President Donald Trump's private Palm Beach club would be allowed represent herself after her attorneys found no evidence of mental incompetency.

U.S. District Judge Roy Altman ruled that Yujing Zhang, 33, will be allowed to represent herself as she faces two federal charges. Altman also appointed public defenders as "stand-by lawyers" so that if she has any questions or if she changes her mind they can come back in and advise her.

950 by Sarah Blaskey in Miami. MOVED


^Lawsuit seeking to block Obama center construction in Chicago's Jackson Park is dismissed<

OBAMA-LIBRARY:TB — In a surprising move, a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the city of Chicago was within its authority when it approved the Obama Foundation's plan to construct the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park.

After listening to nearly an hour of arguments on both sides, U.S. Judge John Robert Blakey said the construction to the sprawling Obama center campus can begin and dismissed the lawsuit filed by environmentalists that aimed to halt it.

600 by Lolly Bowean in Chicago. MOVED


^Ex-girlfriend's recordings critical as trial to begin in earnest into disappearance of Chinese scholar at University of Illinois<

^SCHOLAR-KIDNAPPING:TB—<Hand in hand, Brendt Christensen and his girlfriend faded seamlessly into the crowd at a 2017 vigil for missing Chinese scholar Yingying Zhang.

As their oblivious fellow marchers walked around the University of Illinois campus, Christensen began to mutter about the kind of person who makes an ideal victim, federal prosecutors allege. He pointed out to his girlfriend which people nearby might make easy prey.

For days beforehand, he had talked about how he held Zhang against her will and how she tried to fight back, prosecutors say.

What Christensen — then married to another woman — didn't realize was that his girlfriend was recording every word for the FBI.

1800 (with trims) by Megan Crepeau And Jason Meisner. MOVED


^Petition, evidence being gathered to ask Vatican to remove Fort Worth Bishop Olson<

RELIG-FORTWORTH-BISHOP:FT — Hundreds of parishioners from across the Diocese of Fort Worth have begun the process to ask Pope Francis to remove Bishop Michael Olson.

Philip Gray, a canon lawyer and president of The St. Joseph Foundation, is advising the groups, gathering evidence and writing the petition. There are nine cases being brought against Olson, Gray said, but he declined to give details on the ones that haven't been made public.

1050 (with trims) by Nichole Manna in Fort Worth, Texas. MOVED

^California man imprisoned in Vietnam to go on trial in late June<

AMERICAN-VIETNAM-TRIAL:LA — An Orange County man imprisoned in Vietnam for more than 11 months is set to go on trial in late June, without access to legal counsel since his arrest, family members say.

Vietnamese authorities have been investigating Michael Phuong Minh Nguyen, a father of four from Orange, for "actions" to overthrow the government, according to Mark Roberts, his brother-in-law. He said he expects government officials will appoint a lawyer for Nguyen for the trial, which is expected to start on June 24.

300 by Anh Do in Los Angeles. MOVED

^Study: Women's health worsened over 5 years after being denied an abortion<

MED-ABORTION-HEALTH:LA — States across the country are tightening regulations on abortion providers in the name of protecting women's health. But a long-term study of women who sought abortions has found that those who ended their pregnancies reported slightly better health than their counterparts who requested the procedure but were denied.

The findings, reported this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine, suggests that a woman's access to abortion may influence her health over time — providing new fodder for the debate.

1200 (with trims) by Melissa Healy. MOVED


^Study: Opioid overdose deaths do not decline in states with legal medical marijuana<

MED-OPIOIDS-MARIJUANA:PH — Trying to replicate an often-cited 2014 study that found that states with medical marijuana laws had lower opioid overdose death rates, Stanford University researchers looked at deaths over a longer period of time. Their conclusion: States with such laws have actually seen an increase in opioid overdoses.

The new study looked at states that legalized medical marijuana between 1999 and 2017, instead of 1999 and 2010, as the original John Hopkins University study did.

650 by Aubrey Whelan. MOVED



^Why a ban on Huawei is being ignored by some of the oldest US allies in Asia<

HUAWEI-ASIA:LA — On the site of a former World War II garrison where the U.S. Army trained local troops — and later firebombed tunnels to drive out occupying Japanese soldiers — the Philippines has built a shining symbol of its modern ambitions, a master-planned commercial district billed as one of the safest in the country.

Watching over Bonifacio Global City — a square-mile oasis of glinting high-rises and tree-lined streets southeast of Manila — are more than 200 high-definition security cameras. They were furnished by a company that has become a target in a new U.S. war: the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

The surveillance network is one example of Huawei's extensive inroads in Southeast Asia.

1600 by Shashank Bengali and David Pierson in Manila. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED



^Mark your calendars: Oscars dates are set through 2022<

^MOVIE-OSCARS-DATES:LA—<ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are doing some long-term planning.

The broadcaster and film academy on Tuesday confirmed the dates for the 2020 and 2021 Academy Awards, and also announced the expected date for the 2022 show, which will see the Oscars ceremony shift back to a late-February date.

200 by Nardine Saad. MOVED


^What we learned from the new 'Frozen 2' trailer<

^MOVIE-FROZEN2-TRAILER:LA—<Princess Anna and Queen Elsa's mysterious adventure just got a bit clearer now that Disney has just dropped the first full trailer for "Frozen 2."

February's teaser raised more questions than answers about the sisters' latest voyage outside the protective gates of Arendelle.

Tuesday's new sneak peek showed Anna and Elsa (voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, respectively) setting off to further understand Elsa's magical freezing abilities and how the answer could be threatening their kingdom.

700 by Nardine Saad. MOVED


^Can you dig it? 48 years later, the mystique of 'Shaft' continues<

^MOVIE-SHAFT:ND—<In 1971, the gritty action movie "Shaft" offered audiences the sight of a black hero shooting people, flouting social norms and mocking authority. John Shaft, played by actor Richard Roundtree, finally got to do all the things white action heroes had been doing for years.

Now, four decades later, a new "Shaft" aims to put a slightly gentler spin on a boundary-breaking character. It features Samuel L. Jackson in the title role — his second turn, after John Singleton's "Shaft" film in 2000 — while Jesse T. Usher plays his estranged son, J.J., a deskbound data analyst at the FBI. This version of "Shaft" may be rated R, but it goes for buddy comedy as much as action.

1150 (with trims) by Rafer Guzm n. MOVED



^Commentary: What life is like when abortion is banned<

^ABORTION-PROGRESSIVE-COMMENTARY:MCT—<As Republicans in states around the country pass sweeping abortion bans, I think about what life could be like for women and girls if these laws take effect. I don't have to use my imagination.

Women and girls across Latin America are already living in places where abortion is heavily restricted or completely banned. In the past year, I've done research for Human Rights Watch in two countries that ban abortion completely, without any exceptions, even if the woman's life is in danger.

In the Dominican Republic, I spoke with Rosa Hern ndez, whose daughter Rosaura Almonte Hern ndez, known as "Esperancita," was diagnosed with leukemia. Doctors initially denied her chemotherapy because she was pregnant, and then refused to end the pregnancy because to do so would have been against the law. She died in 2012 at age 16. "They let my daughter die," her mother told me.

650 by Margaret Wurth. MOVED


^Commentary: Trump's bromance with Netanyahu is about to heat up for Israel's do-over election<

^TRUMP-NETANYAHU-COMMENTARY:LA—<The Trump administration went out of its way to help Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu win April's Israeli elections, and even tried to boost him in his failed attempt to form a governing coalition. With a do-over election set for Sept. 17, we can expect an equally determined and flamboyant do-over effort from the White House on the prime minister's behalf.

Indeed, for President Trump, no other politician's success seems to matter more than Netanyahu's. They have known each other for years, but the president isn't backing the prime minister for sentimental reasons.

800 by Aaron David Miller. MOVED


^Commentary: Men can't hear it, women don't say it — the everyday importance of 'no'<

^SAY-NO-COMMENTARY:LA—<I want my daughter to feel empowered to say no in every context — to the man who tries to explain Mexico to her, or the man who asks her to do just this one little favor, make this one simple decision. I want her to say no to the boy who pushes in front of her on the slide — there is always at least one, and most of the time, his mother does not intervene. The other day, a boy elbowed his way around her and she let him. I called her over, sat her down and said, "Elena, the next time that happens, you say, 'No, it is my turn!' Do you understand?" She nodded. I repeated it. "You say no." She looked relieved.

1100 by Sarah Menkedick. MOVED


^Trudy Rubin: Competing visions on D-Day: Trump's nationalism vs. Macron's plea for a strong alliance<

^RUBIN-COLUMN:PH—<I've just returned from a trip to Italy, Britain, and France, where I watched the struggle between far-right populist nationalists and those who believe in a united, democratic Europe. A democratic Europe allied with the United States.

That struggle was reflected in the contrasting tone of speeches given by President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron in Normandy on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Both praised the heroism of those who stormed the beaches, including vets in their 90s who made it to the celebration.

850 by Trudy Rubin. MOVED


^Virginia Heffernan: The cheater in the Oval Office should be banished from the tribe<

^HEFFERNAN-COLUMN:LA—<The Mueller report amply chronicles President Donald Trump's staggering, decades-long crime spree. Like an iron skillet to the head, the extent of Trump's corruption seems to have stupefied voters, legal scholars and, of course, Congress, all of whom are currently at a loss for a remedy.

850 by Virginia Heffernan. MOVED


^Editorial: There's a way to debate refugee asylum without victimizing unaccompanied minors<

^MIGRANTS-EDITORIAL:DA—<There is no question that the refugee crisis on the border is a humanitarian nightmare. But let us all also agree that unaccompanied migrant minors in federal shelters should be treated with basic human respect and decency.

That's our way of saying that the Trump administration is on the verge of making a horrible situation even more intolerable.

450 . MOVED


^Editorial: Tariffs on Mexico are off the table but President Trump still has automakers worried about this<

^TRUMP-AUTOMAKERS-EDITORIAL:SD—<The outlook for the U.S. auto industry, which relies heavily on Mexican auto parts, improved Friday after President Donald Trump's last-minute decision not to impose tariffs on all products from Mexico. But the industry is still anxious about Trump administration policies on another front.

200 . MOVED


^Editorial: We are running out of ways to tell Santa Anita to stop racing<

^RAC-SANTAANITA-EDITORIAL:LA—<Over time, Americans have to decide how much death they are willing to tolerate in this ancient sport. More immediately, though, the owners of the track at Santa Anita have to face up to the troubling, unexplained deaths that have occurred this past year. And they should not risk any more horses' lives for the rest of this season.

650 by The Times Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Motivation matters in census question<

^CENSUS-EDITORIAL:SE—<The proposal to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 U.S. Census is reprehensible in any light. It will intimidate undocumented immigrants from responding and will deny Americans a true count of the people living in our nation's borders.

Recently discovered writings of the late Republican strategist Thomas B. Hofeller, who was behind the administration's push to add the question, managed to show the motivation in an even worse light.

500. MOVED



^Alex Morgan scores 5 goals in USWNT's World Cup-opening 13-0 rout of Thailand<

SOC-WORLDCUP-THAILAND-US:OS — There was little doubt the United States would dominate its opening 2019 Women's World Cup match.

But Alex Morgan's five goals and the USWNT's 13-0 destruction of Thailand still thrilled the announced crowd of 18,591 Tuesday night at Stade Auguste-Delaune.

Rose Lavelle and Samantha Mewis each recorded a brace. Lindsey Horan, Megan Rapinoe, Mallory Pugh and Carli Lloyd also scored.

500 by Alicia DelGallo in Reims, France. MOVED




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