AD Checklist: what readers want to know
Real Estate:
• Price
• Location
• Number of Bedrooms
• Bathrooms
• Garage
• Heating/Air Conditioning
• Neighborhood
• Schools
• Square Footage
• Possession Date

• Make
• Year
• Model
• Motor
• Transmission
• Power Equipment
• Mileage
• Previous Use
• Mechanical Condition
• Accessories
• Tires, Battery
• Interior
• Price
• Terms, Down Payment

• Job Title
• What Candidate is  
    Expected to Do
• Advancement Opportunity
• Skills Required
• Experience Necessary
• Qualifications
• Degrees Needed
• Wages
• Benefits
• Vacation
• Facilities
• Security
• Hours
• How to Apply
• Where to Apply

General Merchandise:
• Type of Sale
• Sale Date or Days
• Hours of Sale
• Price
• Savings Offered

• Make and Model
• Size and Color
• New or Used
• Reconditioned
• Quantity Available
• Delivery Details
• Name
• Phone Number
• Address
• Directions to Location
Elements of a good ad
Here are some helpful tips on creating a catchy classified ad

Make it look good
Use a dominant element to catch readers' eyes,   like a larger font on the first word or a company logo. Then use bold font, underline or italics to make some elements stand out.

White space is your friend
White space can make your ad stand out because classified ad pages are heavy with small type. Readers will be drawn to your add.

Picture this
Photos break up the text and draw attention to the ad.

Keep it simple
The ad should be a progression that make it easy for readers to follow: headline, art, copy, price, advertiser's name, phone number and a prompt (Call now!).

Make a point
Urge readers to act. Use an ending phrase like "This week only!" or "12-hour sale" to convey urgency.

The whole shebang
Complete sentences are easier to read than phrases and random words.

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