Chapter GZ, P.E.O.

Chapter GZ, P.E.O. met March 9 at Central Community College Woodlands Dining Room.

Connie Franzen was hostess. Sherri Patterson and Karen Hawthorne were co-hostesses.

Twenty-one members attended the meeting. Chaplain Becky Hermann read devotions from Isaiah 55 verses 6-7. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Cathy Morgan provided the treasurer’s report. No bills were presented. Corresponding secretary Judy Sandeen read correspondence from Becky Hermann, from Chapter HT, and Cottey College. Morgan wrote to two inactive members concerning their membership status.

Franzen thanked Hawthorne for all her work on the new yearbook. Individuals should contact Hawthorne concerning any corrections.

Morgan provided information concerning the Greater Hastings P.E.O.Luncheon scheduled for April 18 at Lochland Country Club at 10 a.m. She requested that someone volunteer to take a photo of 50-plus year members.

Delores Michael provided information concerning the yearly audit. The chapter voted favorably concerning the changes to the by-laws.

Jackie Miller of the courtesy committee reported that two thanks you notes had been written to two members.

Installation of officers was held. A favorable vote concerning a new member took place.

Troy David with the CCC Advanced Manufacturing Design Technology Department and two students provided the program.

The next meeting is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. April 13. The program will be the Hastings Community Solar Farm by Derek Zeister.

OES Kensington

Karen Christensen was hostess for the dessert lunch at the OES Kensington meeting March 5 at the Masonic Center. Twelve members were present.

President Nita Hemming welcomed everyone and strongly suggested that everyone see “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” a movie about Mr. Rogers. She read excerpts from the book “The World According to Mr. Rogers, Important Things to Remember.”

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Christensen gave the treasurer’s report and it was approved.

Sickness and joys were shared. March birthdays were recognized, Susan Anderson and Venus Turner. September 2002 minutes were read as the historical moment.

Barb Yost had prepared the program on St. Patrick’s Day and Irish Traditions. Dorothy Anderson presented the program.

Devotions were given by Donna McCartney using the Lenten Tree and the explanation of the items hung on the tree. She closed with a reading from the book “He Lives” by Gloria Gaither.

The annual birthday banquet that was to be held April 3 has ben canceled due to the novel coronavirus. Hemming will call members regarding the May meeting.

Hastings Writers Forum

The Hastings Writers Forum met March 14 with six members present.

John Dobrovolny won a hand-crafted jute bowl for correctly answering the trivia question in the December newsletter. Marilee Aufdenkamp donated the bowl. Robin Buckallew said she is looking for donations for future prizes.

Buckallew reminded everyone to submit material for the group’s second anthology. She then read from her self-published young adult novel, “Leafy Tom,” and announced that she has finished writing the fifth book in the series. She also announced she is posting original writing online every day in March for Women’s History Month.

Dobrovolny shared a poem he wrote about the winter of 1949. His personal experience with the event was being stranded for two weeks on his brother’s ranch. Members felt the poem seemed especially timely given the current self-isolation during the coronavirus.

Alan Hartley read a short story he wrote called “The Auction,” about a ranch in the Black Hills. Attendees lauded the vivid details of the piece and made suggestions such as using a flashback format to create tension.

Fritz Buckallew read from his series of humorous narratives, “It’s Pops.” He reported that Saffron Books may be interested in publishing the collection.

Aufdenkamp read the first chapter in her untitled historical novel set in 1927 Omaha.

Members concurred that the group continues to provide the encouragement and accountability needed to keep writing.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 11 at 2 p.m. at the Hastings Public Library. Writers of all genres are invited to participate in an encouraging atmosphere.

First Presbyterian Women

The First Presbyterian Women attended and provided the luncheon for the March 4 Sermons a la Carte at St. Mark’s Episcopal Pro-Cathedral. The Rev. Damon Heitmann presented the sermon.

All circles met on March 18. Members were led in an exploration of the eighth commandment from Exodus 2:15, “You shall not steal.” Beyond unlawful taking of the property of others, this commandment directs us to live as a community with respect and care of each other.

Circle 1 met at First Presbyterian Church. A time of fellowship was hosted by May Wierenga and Elaine Specht, followed by Bible study, discussion and prayer. Lesson leader Flossie Sanderson led the lesson and closed with prayer.

Jean Barber read from the Mission Yearbook of Prayer. Moderator Wierenga opened the business meeting by reading a letter from the Rev. Greg Allen-Pickett, regarding the perilous times we are living through and the session’s actions and recommendations for upcoming church-related gatherings.

The minutes from the February meeting were read and approved. Visitation and concerns were shared. Members were reminded of the CWS Clean Up Bucket project.

The suspension of “in-person” worship through April 6 was announced. Church-related committee meetings of fewer than 10 people may choose to meet.

At the May Friendship Luncheon, hosted by Church Women United, Jessica Allen-Pickett will be honored as the Outstanding Young Woman from First Presbyterian.

It has been decided by the PW coordinating team to use the Mothers’ Day offering to support the Healthy Beginnings Program at Mary Lanning Healthcare.

The meeting was closed with a Least Coin devotion, given by Flossie Sanderson.

The next Circle 1 meeting will be hosted by Jane Bauer. Lesson leader will be Lynette Krieger.

Six members of Circle 2 met at the Regency with Sally Smith serving as hostess. Susie Graham opened with prayer. Mary Fisk read from the Yearbook of Prayer: The article was about Presbyterian ministry in non-Christian Taiwan where they get up every day and seek to live out the love of Christ.

The minutes from February were read. Mary Lewis gave a treasurer’s report. Graham reported on the World Day of Prayer. A visitation report was given.

Smith read from the Least Coin a reminder that all need to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. Fisk led the lesson.

Lewis will act as hostess and lead the lesson at the next meeting.

Circle 3 met in Fellowship Hall on March 18. Five members were present. Nancy Grams was the hostess and Sue Medsker Nedderman was lesson leader. Grams opened with a prayer. The Spring Gathering has been canceled. Members closed with the Mizpah prayer.

The next Circle 3 meeting will be hosted by Kathy Reimer. Lesson leader will be Jill Kramer.

The April 1 PW luncheon has been canceled. The next circle meetings are scheduled for April 15.


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