Robin Stroot Simple things get in the way

It’s the simple things that thwart my crafting. Sometimes it’s a really small thing (like a certain cat I own). Other times, it’s just the three of us: me, myself and I.

Case in point: I have a knitting project that is ready to bind off the knitting needles. I decided to take a break and placed the knitting into my basket. I took out several sets of knitting needles to make a quick sample swatch of a sweater pattern. I wasn’t sure which size knitting needles I wanted to use so I had several different sizes on my worktable in my craft room. I made several swatches using the yarn and different sized knitting needles.

In my hurry to clean up, I shoved all the extra knitting needles I had been using for my sample swatch into the closest knitting basket … yep, the one with my almost-completed knitting project.

Several pairs of circular knitting needles plus a knitted item already in the basket equal one messy set of yarn, knitting swatches/project and needles. I went to get my almost-complete project out of the basket and all those extra sets of knitting needles were woven through the knitted fabric. The knitting needles for my project were a very slick surface type of knitting needles so I had to very carefully remove the extra sets of circular knitting needles from the project without losing the almost-completed project and my sample swatches on the extra different sized knitting needles. Zeesh, what a mess! Took me almost 30 minutes to untangle that mess. By proceeding slowly, I didn’t lose any stitches of the almost-done project (in spite of the slick-surface knitting needles) and kept the swatches on the other knitting needles.

Finding a craft pattern is hard for me right now. My craft books and patterns are still in boxes. I just haven’t found anything I like to replace my old bookshelves. I tried to keep my craft library in order as I packed the items away at the beginning of my craft room renovation.

However, as stated earlier, I have been working on making sample swatches to make a new sweater. I want to make an Aran style sweater but just can’t find the right pattern. See, I can picture in my mind a specific sweater pattern I know I have in my craft collection. But, do you think I can find it? Of course not. So, I keep trying to piece my sweater together by using the pattern collection books I did find among my craft patterns. Maybe I just need to be patient and work on that sweater another time. Or maybe, I just need to get all my books out and line them up on the living room floor (where there’s lots of space) and find the perfect book. I’ll have to get back to you on how that works out with my family and my pets.

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