Robin Stroot Kids get crafty with fleece fringe scarves

Ihave been working with a great group of students who are eager to learn crafts. The class is an opportunity for willing students to experiment with different crafts and see which craft is one they would like to continue working on in the future.

We recently made fleece fringe scarves. I also made one for instructional purposes. These scarves were kid-friendly and lots of fun and could be made in little more than an hour’s worth of time. For the three-layer scarf, you will need a pair of scissors, sewing machine and tape measure or yard stick.

Materials for the three-layer scarf are three pieces of fleece, cut 5 inches wide and 60 inches long (the width of a bolt of fabric). I used black, gold and white fleece for my scarf. Once you cut the initial size of the fabric, trim off the selvage edges before proceeding to the next step.

Take the 5-inch fleece strips and place them on top of each other. You can choose whatever colors and patterns you want for your scarf. Now, pin the layers together. Stitch a line in the center of all three layers with a sewing machine. One thing I noted is the stitching easily broke apart if I stretched the scarf. I would recommend using a stretch stitch setting on the sewing machine to accommodate the flexibility of the fabric or use a heavier machine thread (e.g., quilting thread) to stitch the center of the fleece layers together.

Once the layers are stitched together, take the scissors and make 1/2- to 3/4-inch cuts along one side of the stitching, cutting just up to the center stitching. Do not cut through the machine stitching. Make the same type of cuts along the other side of the scarf.

Fluff the scarf and the scarf is completed and ready to wear.

For the second type of scarf, cut a single piece of fleece 9 inches wide and 60 inches long. Trim off the selvage edges. Measure and mark from the short ends of the fleece a 6-inch long section. Take the scissors and cut 3/4-inchwide strips up to the 6-inch mark on each edge. Stretch the fleece fringe edge out and release it. The fleece edge should curl up like curling ribbon. You can also cut the fringe edges a little smaller and tie a bead onto the fringe to finish off the scarf.

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