Denise Anderson Farming resolution nebulous

Occasionally, I do the resolution thing for the New Year. I used to resolve to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more. One year I resolved not to deal with people who were not nice.

I do eat healthier most days, I don’t think I’m ever going to lose weight, and I try to exercise more each week, as well. I’ve taken up backpacking, and by planning regular trips, I’ve managed to stay in shape. I’m not in the shape of an Olympic gymnast, but I can walk seven or eight miles with a backpack and hold my own.

The resolution about not dealing with people who were not nice worked well as long as I could identify those people; I just removed them from my little world. It didn’t work well on a long-term basis because there are many people out there with negative attitudes and it’s impossible to avoid them all, all of the time.

This year I gave some thought to resolutions and I decided not to have any. I always want to be a nicer person, more organized and more productive on a daily basis, and along with those I previously mentioned, that sums up my life.

When it comes to farming, I thought I could make a few resolutions, but the only one that came to mind was helping my husband, Daryl, more on the farm.

“You mean you’re going to go out and help him put up fence?” my friend Alvin asked when I told him this.

Well, no, I didn’t really have helping with fence in mind.

“You’re going to help move cattle?” Alvin asked.

No. That’s not what I had in mind, either.

“You’re going to help him with bales?” Alvin asked.

I think Daryl has hay bale duty under control.

“Oh, I know,” Alvin said.

“You’re going to help him cut weeds.”

No. I wasn’t thinking about that, either.
“What is there left?” Alvin asked. “Are you going to do chicken chores more often?”

I should do that, but sadly, I probably won’t so there is no point in making a resolution to do so.

“Then there’s really nothing left and you’re not going to do anything to help him, are you?” Alvin said.

I might help him cut trees. I did some of that last fall, and that is certainly something that needs done.

“You might?” Alvin asked. “That doesn’t sound like a very good resolution.”

I guessed it wasn’t. I thought that I could just help him with a few little things from time to time.

“Like what?” Alvin asked.

I thought for a minute. I didn’t really know, I didn’t really have a plan.

“Then you don’t really have a resolution,” he said.

I guessed I didn’t. I would have to give it more thought. Maybe I would have something more concrete for 2015.

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