Joyce OreLift from getting organized may be short-lived

Now that we have gotten somewhat used to this new year, it is time to reorganize. The magazines and airwaves are full of tips of ways to make life easier, to ease stress, to look into a cupboard and immediately find the toothpicks; to check under the bed and find nothing, not even tiny fluffs of dog hair; to hear the doorbell and not hide behind the door because the house still resembles Christmas morning; to look into a child’s bedroom and actually see the floor because everything has its place.

We are told to chose a project, any project, and just completing it will give us such a sense of pride and accomplishment that we will be able to face anything the year will throw at us. Really?

I still recall the January of several yeas ago when I decided to organize the cupboards and closets. After the shock of experiencing the previous year spinning out of control, I was yearning for that euphoria that comes from less clutter and to be more in command of my life.

Soon totes to Goodwill were full of wearing apparel I hadn’t worn for years because it either was two sizes to large or to small. My trusty magazine told me, “If it hasn’t been worn for two years, toss it.“

Just following that suggestion gave me boxes filled with empty clothes hangars and room I didn’t know I had. Euphoria, or at least a hint of a tingle, was being felt. Or perhaps, it was nothing more than a waistband being too tight. Maybe should have kept a couple of those bigger-sized jeans.

Next I attacked the cupboard. Never did locate the toothpicks, but did find three containers of celery salt, an important ingredient for Chex Mix, an essential part of Christmas.

For three straight years, I made a special trip to the grocery store because I thought I was out of celery salt, when it onion salt I needed.

It was euphoria I felt when the reorganization of the cupboard was complete, when everything had its place and was in its place. It was time for a hot cup of coffee. I had earned it. Where had I put the coffee pot, and the filters and the coffee?

I felt my newly acquired euphoria slipping away.

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