Robin Stroot Bracelets a snap to make

Over the past few months, I’ve seen kids and adults wearing colorful key chains, necklaces, lanyards and bracelets made from small rubber bands. If you know how to fold, you can make a simple version of a bracelet or wristband with the colorful rubber bands.

The rubber bands are about the size of a nickel and come in several different colors. Included in the rubber band packages are several small S-shaped plastic pieces and a small, crochet-hook style tool called a pick tool.

The S-shaped piece, called a clip, is used to join the beginning and ending loops of the bracelet/lanyard together. This is how the rubber bands keep from becoming unraveled once they are joined together.

For our example, I’ll use a simple single bracelet — meaning the length of the bracelet/wristband is made using one rubber band loop per row of the pattern.

First, insert one rubber band into the small clip (usually included in the package of rubber bands). Now, put a second rubber band through the loop of the first rubber band and fold the second rubber band in half, making a double loop. Insert another rubber band through the double loops of the second rubber band and fold the third rubber band in half. Continue adding new rubber band in the same fashion until the bracelet is the desired size. It takes about 25 rubber bands to make a single-row bracelet.

Pass the last double loop through the end clip (the other part of the S-shaped clip). The bracelet is ready to wear.

You can make a single bracelet with or without a loom. More complicated versions of rubber band accessories can be made using a special loom to interweave the loops of the rubber bands. The loom has fixed pegs attached to a flat surface. The pegs are placed just far enough apart to gently stretch and hold the rubber bands in place so that you can use the hooked-shaped tool to make more intricately laced rubber band accessories. For example, you need a loom to make one project called a triple bracelet, where three rubber band loops are linked together through one rubber band to form a single row. Step-by-step instructions are usually included with the loom. You can also do a Web search to obtain free patterns for making different rubber band accessories. I’ve also seen the rubber bands used to make pencil grips and keychain accessories, too.

Please note: These rubber band projects contain very small parts (the bands along with the looping hook and S-shaped joining clips). The supplies along with the finished projects are definitely not recommended for children under the age of 3.

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