Russ Batenhorst Saying goodbye to Jay and hello to games

It has been a while since I used random, quick hitting thoughts to fill a column. At least I was thinking that in the morning hours, knowing I’d likely be up late night to finish this task. So, here are a few random, quick-hitting thoughts that I jotted down on a sticky note through the course of one day:

• I’ve always thought that some day I’d like to go to the Olympics. Summer games would be my preference over winter, but either one would be fun. Having said that, I think I’m pretty glad I didn’t make the Winter Games that began Thursday night my Olympic bucket list-filler. Water that’s not yellow, a toilet paper disposal allowed the traditional way it’s done here and hotel construction that’s not being finished the day I’m checking in would have to be on my “must have” list, and Sochi, Russia would be oh-forthree.

• I’ve found myself watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno quite a bit this week, since I knew it was Jay’s last week on the show — again. I didn’t always watch him all that much. (I’m more of a Dave guy.) So, it’s a little strange that I’m changing habits for this final week. Maybe I just want to make sure he stays gone this time.

• And speaking of Jay Leno, how does someone get this job? It seems there’s a place called the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. (How do they fit all that on their business cards?) They’ve taken it upon themselves to watch every monologue of the Tonight Show for the past 20 years. They analyzed 43,892 Leno jokes. So, who has been his No. 1 target for joke telling? That would be President Bill Clinton, the butt of 4,609 jokes through the years. George W. Bush was a close second. Now aren’t you glad you know that? And, again, where do I sign up for a job of sitting around and listening to jokes all day?

• I’m not a violent or vindictive type person. I really feel like I can get along with most anyone. So, advocating that someone be wiped off the face of the earth for all eternity and all evidence that they ever existed is not really a state of mind I would approach often. I’m getting close, though, when it comes to Flo, the insurance commercial lady.

• Speaking of commercials, did you watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? Maybe a better question would be, did you watch all of the Super Bowl on Sunday? I can’t really say as I had any skin in the game, but I do prefer my Super Bowls to be, what should I say, competitive. A closer game would have been nice. Even in years like this when the Kansas City Chiefs do well, this area still leans pretty heavily toward the Denver Broncos. So, I’m sure there are plenty of people around who didn’t like a bunch of fish-throwing, latte-inventing Seattle-ites running away with the show.

• Even with a lopsided game, many of the 111 million people tuning in were doing so to be entertained by the commercials. I thought even those were just kind of so-so this year. There were good ones. I liked the ‘80s calling to get their Radio Shack back. I liked the Doritos time machine and the Volkswagen engineers getting their wings, but none stood out as that iconic one to be remembered for the ages.

• And here’s a shocker. Some of the music from the half-time show was pre-recorded (refer to last week’s mention of the Grammys to see how I feel about that). Apparently, “plug in your guitars” was the next thing on the to-do list for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, right after “put a shirt on.” They didn’t have time to get to either.

• I do hope that the next call the ‘80s make wanting their stuff back isn’t made to my house. I’d miss my VCR. And half my wardrobe. Come to think of it, I met my wife in the ‘80s. I hope they show up on my Caller ID, so I can ignore the call.

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