Joyce OreMy heaven has room for dogs

Every once in a while when life seems a little off kilter, I think about what I want my heaven to be like. I’m not talking about THE HEAVEN, for I have no control over that, but my own individually designed heaven. What’s in that heaven depends greatly on what mood I’m in.

Today my heaven would be filled with friendly dogs who like to be scratched behind their ears, patted on their heads and let it be known in a hundred different ways that they like me.

My heaven would be full of friendly dogs nearly any day of the week. Most days my heaven would have people, but only real people who may not let me scratch behind their ears or pat their heads, but do let me know in a hundred different ways that I have a place in their lives.

Some 20 years ago, my heaven wouldn’t have had any dogs because I didn’t know about them back then. I didn’t know that dogs have a way of making you feel that you are top dog in their lives. Dog hair on my good black jeans is worth the snug-a-bug our dog gives me every time I take her for a ride in the car.

Research shows us that stroking an animal is a stress reliever. We’ve even seen dogs petting the family cat when the rabbit got away. There is something soothing about the rhythm the action of petting an animal.

My heaven would have a lot of things — cool, gentle breezes; sparkling streams; humming birds; fresh strawberries; and family and friends who stay healthy. Trees would have trunks soft and pliable, perfect to lean against when reading or musing about what is going on around me. My heaven would have peace and goodwill, truth and fairness, understanding and commitment.

At the top of my priority list is our dog, Annabelle, for her trusting natures, her eagerness to please, her ability to begin each day anew and not hold a grudge brings a tidbit of heaven into the turmoil of life.

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