Will Vraspir Home found seven years later worth wait

It may have taken us seven years, but our family has finally moved into our home. Better late than never, I always say. For some people, it may seem odd to wait so long after looking at a house to make a bid. That’s just the way it turned out for us.

Just more than seven years ago, my wife and I started to look for a house to buy. The already kids shared a room in our apartment and our youngest was about to be born. We needed someplace to put him. I offered to move my socks out of the dresser drawer, but my wife insisted we needed more bedrooms.

So off we went in search of a house.

We didn’t have a lot of money, so we looked at houses in our price range. One house had beautiful woodwork and French doors that my wife loved. There was plenty of space and high ceilings. The house needed work, but that was to be expected in our price range.

Then we got to the kitchen. Or the room where the kitchen should have been. Only it wasn’t.

There were no cabinets, no sink or any of the other identifiers that would make it a kitchen. It could have been a spare bedroom for all I knew.

It would have been great to make your own kitchen, but that would take more money and time we didn’t have.

Sadly, we had to pass on the house and keep looking.

We eventually found a house that met our needs. It allowed us to put the boys in one room and have a room from our daughter. They were getting older and needed separate rooms.

The downside was that it was cramped. Not as bad as the apartment, but it took a while to figure out where to put everything.

Not only was it small, but it ended up cluttered more times than not. Granted, part of that was a newbornturned- toddler who was determined to wreak as much havoc on cleanliness as possible.

But part of it was that we didn’t have enough space to put everything. Our cabinets could barely hold our dishes. The couch and chair were crammed into the living room.

Eventually, everything found a place or was thrown out and we settled into our new home.

Fast forward seven years.

The kids kept growing and it was becoming apparent that we again needed more space. Given our financial situation, we just weren’t sure if it was better to look for another house or wait until the oldest moved away.

My wife and I agreed to focus on saving money for a year or two and look into buying a house. Our oldest would be ready to graduate high school, but it made the most sense to me.

Meanwhile, my wife kept an eye on houses on the market. Mostly, we wanted to know what options were out there. If the right one came along, we might push up our schedule.

My wife found a house that was in foreclosure for $30,000, so, at that price, we figured it would be worth seeing. We contacted our realtor and we went to take a look.

Bad news. We were told the house already had an accepted offer, but it was agreed to show us around anyway. My main goal was just to have an idea of what was out there, so I was fine with that.

In order to get into the house, the realtor had to get a spare key from another home in foreclosure — a house we had looked at seven years ago. He did so and we looked, but the house wouldn’t have worked.

We thanked the realtor for his time and were about to send him on his way. He had to take the key back to the other house, but I asked if my wife could tag along. She was curious about some recent remodeling to the house and wanted to see it in person.

She fell in love with the remodeled kitchen as soon as she saw it. She loved the tiled floor as well as the cabinets and sink. The house had a bedroom for each child, a larger basement and plenty of living space. Maybe after seven years of living in a cramped space, its high ceilings felt luxurious.

We pushed up our schedule and figured out the finances to buy the house. Everything quickly fell into place, including an offer on our house before we even announced we wanted to sell it. Also, the bank was willing to give us financing.

It was like God was gently nudging us into this house.

So seven years after initially looking at the house, we moved into our home. It was the house we liked from the start, but it needed more work than we were willing to do.

Now, it already feels like home. It feels like the place we are meant to be.

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