Seven shopping mistakes to learn from

Last week was par for the course. My husband had found the ambition he needed to go down and work on the bathroom for a bit. I was having a staring contest with the refrigerator and the pantry cabinet, hoping some inspiration would take over and give me the answer to that age-old question I was facing that night and every night.

Plenty of wishes to grant this Christmas

The presents are wrapped, the schedules of celebrations are made. Our best outfits are pressed and ready for church services. There’s little to do now but wait, and reflect on this, the most magical time of year.
Turn of events turns holiday focus around

Thursday night, I decided it was time to wrap Christmas presents. My tree had been up for three weeks, and the only lonely present under it was wrapped by my husband. I felt like a slacker and my tree looked sadly bare.

Deann Stumpe

In her weekly column that runs Mondays in the Hastings Tribune, Deann Stumpe gabs about relationships, movies and TV, and life with a baby. She is the Tribune’s special sections editor.

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