August important without holiday

August finally has a major reason for being. Without a holiday to call its own, August has been seen as the month without a season. Hot, dry-around-the-edges August is well past summertime’s full-bodied intensity, yet not quite mature enough for autumn’s vibrant unveiling.

August is too late to start working on a tan and too early for carving pumpkins.

Even without a holiday, August has never been a month with nothing to do. For our young family, August often was time for our annual vacation. A time to be together before school began, Halloween costumes to be made, Thanksgiving pies to bake and Christmas cards to address.

People have birthdays in August, although I don’t  know anyone who celebrates. And there are those couples who are replacing June as the bridal month. I’m not sure exactly why one would exchange beautiful pleasant, low humidity June for a wedding in August. But it is happening.

Even without a holiday of its own, August offers plenty of subject matter. There’s griping about air conditioning bills, specials on snow tires, bored children tired with swimming pools, camps, and nothing to do, winding up summer jobs and winding down summer romances and summer sales, although if you waited until August for the best buys, you are two months too late.

August also gives us vivid golden marigolds in full bloom, juicy tomatoes in their prime and branches of fruit trees nearly touching the ground with their bounty. County fairs are past and the state fair is nearly here.

So what has changed and given August the clout it has never had before? What makes parents smile just a little brighter and sandals and shorts replaced with sturdy shoes and back packs?
School bells no longer wait until September to ring. Get out the backpacks, classes are about to begin.

August has arrived.

Joyce Ore

Joyce Ore writes delightful stories about life with a dose of humor and sprinkle of nostalgia. Her column appears Saturday in the Tribune.

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