My freezer becomes my time capsule

Some people look at photo albums to revive life’s important moments. I open the freezer. On the top shelf, hidden way in the back are several pieces of cake from our 25th wedding anniversary that we planned to thaw and enjoy for our 50th but forgot. Hopefully, they will still be good for our 60th.

On the bottom rack is a plastic bag containing three knitted Christmas stockings, one specially knitted for each of our three daughters, now experiencing mid-life crises and living in other states. Next to it is a fruit cake that I made alongside my mother and using her favorite recipe. I’m told this colorful confection just gets better with age but, in the meantime, it gives me pleasant memories.

A habit I just can’t seem to lick is saving a special cut of meat or yummy dessert for a time when I might need it. On the middle shelf of the freezer is an apple pie packed back in time for a future time when we might have unexpected guests. There is no such thing as unexpected guests in today’s social world. No one simply pops in any more and if they do, they are on a strict diet that excludes anything containing more than 50 calories or milk, wheat, eggs or sugar. The pie will grow old with us.

I admit the scariest thing about our home is our freezer. I really never know what is in there. That’s why I always keep it locked. The freezer is where I put the leftovers that I’m emotionally involved with and can’t bear to throw out. I’m talking about the stuff that is wrapped in foil or put in a plastic bag without any type of identification because I will know what it is. Just like I know which baby picture belongs to which daughter.

Could I survive without my freezer? Probably, but a lot of the excitement in my life would be gone.

Joyce Ore

Joyce Ore writes delightful stories about life with a dose of humor and sprinkle of nostalgia. Her column appears Saturday in the Tribune.

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