Spring brings dose of hope, little by little

My favorite concoction consists of a sprig of springtime, a sprinkling of late March or early April and a basketful of Easter. Add the vivid yellow daffodil, the fresh morning dew, the brightness of the first blade of grass, the melody of a robin's song, the playfulness of a puppy, a long-eared chocolate rabbit and the tangy taste of fresh asparagus and one has a feast fit for all the senses.

Any of these makes the spirit soar after the long days of winter. Add the ingredients and one's soul begins to purr like the motor of a kitten sleeping in the sun on the back of the family room couch. 

Springtime is pussy willows bursting at the seams, sandhill cranes following nature's directions, fuzzy chicks and playful lambs, bits of green poking through rich brown earth, colorful tulips dancing in the breeze and children shedding bulky clothing.

In late March and early April we begin looking forward to sudden showers that put a somber world through the rinse cycle and leave it sparkling. This season shouts with promises of more time outdoors wearing short sleeves and bright colors, squirrels playing tag through the tree limbs, picnics and the first sunburned nose of the season.

Easter is the resurrection, the miracle of miracles, the hope, love and the fulfillment of the promise that life continues in wondrous and mysterious ways. Easter is golden shafts of morning light pushing away the deep shadows of the night.

This time of year does not burst upon our lives like a Fourth of July parade, swirling whirls of crackling autumn leaves or winter snowstorms. Instead spring arrives gradually, softly, gently until one day our world is fresh, alive and full of hope and joy.

Joyce Ore

Joyce Ore writes delightful stories about life with a dose of humor and sprinkle of nostalgia. Her column appears Saturday in the Tribune.

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