‘Despicable Me 2’ sure to please kids

I have no right to write this review. Illumination Entertainment did not create this movie for me nor did they create it for most of Tribune readers, but they did create it for the kids in your family. They will love it!

If the kids who were in the same theater I was are any indication of the entertainment value of this film, then I would solidly say that to them this was the premiere event of the season, perhaps the century. Minions were clutched in their tiny hands and their mothers proudly wore T-shirts adorned with a one-eyed yellow character that gives tiny Mike Wazowski a run for his money attempting to claim the best one-eyed character of the summer.

The film may not have been made for my demographic or yours, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a ton of fun for all ages. First off, the film looks absolutely flawless on a large digital screen. The sound and visuals are impeccable and were astounding from the first moment on screen all the way to the end. The colors pop, the characters look sharper than ever, and the action happens from every point of view, which makes the film fascinating to behold. I personally didn’t see the film in 3-D and I rarely say this, but I regret not getting an additional dimension with my ticket. This sequel was made for three dimensions.

Gru (Steve Carell) is at it again, but this time rather than working toward villainous goals this pointy-nosed funny man is working for the good guys, the Anti-Villain League to be exact. Gru’s new position comes with a few perks including new gadgets, vehicles, and a love interest played by the infectiously hilarious Kristen Wiig. The two work together closely trying to discover who is behind a global domination plot.

Don’t you worry, though, “Despicable” purists, because along for the fun are the equally hilarious yellow minions that have gained international fame as brilliant comedians and Gru’s three lovely daughters, Margo, Edith and the adorable Agnes.

In addition to these new and returning characters is the macho man, luchadore and restaurant owner, Eduardo, and his vile little chicken friend. This character was originally supposed to be played by Javier Bardem, but Bardem dropped out of the project. Then Al Pacino took on the role of Eduardo, but unfortunately dropped out of the project months before the premiere. I was afraid that the character acting was going to be shoddy and unfinished, but the opposite was true. Benjamin Bratt took on the role finally and completely knocked it out of the park. Eduardo was for the most part humorous and the voice acting fit the character perfectly. It’s hard to imagine what a Pacino-voiced character would have sounded like, but I think considering the circumstances everything turned out for the best.

“Despicable Me 2” is as fun, funny and full of entertainment as the original film with added bonus coming from more humorous moments starring the minions. Those little guys really are the standout performers in this profitable little franchise from a fresh animation company. By the end of the film you, too, may be ready to pick up your own plush, yellow friend because “Despicable Me 2” delivers on everything that it promised with its engaging little yellow previews.

Patrick White

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