Thrill ride accelerates in ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Sequels have an expiration date most of the time, but one sequel alone has continued to swiftly power through time and again. The plot may not matter, physics may be challenged, and Vin Diesel sometimes has a serious case of mumble mouth, but “Fast & Furious 6” is the most fun at the movie theater I’ve had so far this summer. This movie is a nonstop thrill ride with an always engaged cast and excitement to boot.

Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) has Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) hunt down Shaw (Luke Evans), an evil, twisted villain who commands an organization of mercenary drivers across 12 countries. The only way this duo can take down this demon of the streets is by reassembling their team. If the team pulls off this mission then they receive full pardons and will be allowed back in the United States.

Justin Lin returns as director after his work on previous films, “Fast Five,” “Fast and Furious,” and “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.”

Lin does his best work to date with “Fast & Furious 6” when constructing a world with plenty of hand-to-hand combat in addition to intense edge-of-your-seat racing scenes.

Lin commands the attention of the audience multiple times and never loses them in the 130-minute running time. This running time may seem long for an action thriller, but the time will go by fast, because the action is so fun to behold.

The only problem I had with the movie was the nonsensical nature of it all, but to give the movie some credit, it never pretends to be anything that it’s not. “Fast & Furious 6” is often funny, always has a new action spectacle to astound with, and has some heart to it for those of you who have been with the series from the beginning.

The most entertaining thing about the movie to me was how it nearly functions as a critique of itself. The main characters have physical doppelgangers, they poke fun at one another’s personality traits, and right when you think this adrenaline thrill ride is over the audience gets one last surprise before the credits.

The actors in “Fast & Furious 6” bring their A-game and I’m looking forward to this team assembling once again in future sequels. Lin, his cast, and crew have proven to genres such as horror and comedy that sequels don’t have to grow stale with age and you don’t have to overcomplicate something that’s already simple.

Fast cars make for great entertainment, explosions and action are needed, throw in a plot, and you’ve got yourself one highly entertaining summer movie that will have you chomping down on the popcorn and craving more from this franchise.

Patrick White

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