Pass on horror movie

“Silent Hill: Revelation” is not bad enough to be a humorous good time and not good enough to scare. The film is a mess of bad dialogue, horror schlock, and a jumbled story that maybe only the video game fans might be able to decipher.

“Silent Hill: Revelation” tells the story of Heather, played by a Michelle Williams look–alike, Adelaide Clemens. Heather’s father has disappeared and she is forced to confront her inner demons in the “horrifying” unreality that is Silent Hill.

Inside “Silent Hill” is a disgusting and dreary world inhabited with the most disturbing creatures imaginable. That might be enough for some horror fans, but as a film critic “Silent Hill: Revelation” has so many flaws that the entire film is a joke and hardly a funny one.
To point out the most obvious flaws I look to the terrible dialect work by some of the actors. There were moments when one actor was attempting an American dialect, but his European one kept sneaking in. I found it impossible to take anything that this particular character said seriously.

In addition to the horrendously bad characterization work and dialogue, the CGI visual effects were straight out of a bad nightmare. I haven’t seen such bad flame work since the abysmal comic book sequel “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.”

There was nothing to like here. The scares were obvious. I don’t think I jumped once and believe me, I’m easy to scare. The most disheartening thing about the film though is how they were able to rope in talent.

Sean Bean plays Heather’s kidnapped father, Carrie-Anne Moss plays a mysterious character related to one of the main characters, a twist that I saw coming a mile away. Finally, the formerly brilliant Malcolm McDowell plays a crazed old man who is simply put in the film to move the plot and give McDowell more horror work after his stint in Rob Zombie’s
“Halloween” remake. These three actors who audiences have seen in better films are reduced to nonsensical horror trash. This is insulting to both the actors and the audience.

If you’re looking for a terrible horror film to waste an hour and a half then “Silent Hill:
Revelation” is for you, but if you’re looking for a great horror film your best bet is popping in an old DVD and grabbing a bag of microwaveable popcorn.

Patrick White

Movie fan Patrick White doesn't spare anyone's feelings when deciding if the latest Hollywood offering is trash or treasure. Catch his reviews on the latest theater and DVD releases in Saturday's paper.

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