Longfellow character award 1

Mayor Corey Stutte commends Longfellow Elementary students, staff and faculty, including principal Irina Erickson (right), while recognizing the school May 22, 2019, as a National School of Character.

Less than three days after being admitted to the hospital following a medical incident, Hastings Mayor Corey Stutte was discharged to return home Thursday.

Stutte announced his dismissal from Mary Lanning Healthcare in a post on his mayor’s Facebook page around midday.

“Thanks to your prayers and to the great staff at Mary Lanning Healthcare, I was discharged today,” Stutte wrote. “I still have some recovery in front of me, but I am glad to be home.”

He included a photo of himself posing outside a hospital entrance, a smile on his face.

In a news release from the city on Tuesday, Stutte, 39, announced he had been taken to the intensive care unit at Mary Lanning Monday evening following an incident at his home.

The situation included a fall, a seizure, atrial fibrillation and bleeding on the brain, Stutte reported. He attributed the incident to long-term effects of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

Stutte tested positive for COVID-19 in September. He was released from quarantine on Sept. 29.

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