Goodfellows donations add up

It's a numbers game for those who plan out the Goodfellows program each year.

There's the number of people who benefit from the program; the volunteers who help doing everything from filling boxes to buying toys; the boxes into which the food and toys are places and all the food that goes into the boxes.

The toys, which number in the hundreds, come from generous donations made throughout the community that are dropped into boxes at schools or local businesses.

The food however has to be purchased with the money that is donated to the Goodfellows campaign each year.

A $100 grocery bill and a cart full of groceries may be a lot to some families but the literally thousands of items that are purchased for the Goodfellows recipients each year are much larger.

Each family may only receive a few cans of fruit and one or two loaves of bread, all of those items add up when there are hundreds of people involved.

For the 2012 season, Goodfellows purchased more than 10,000 envelopes, packages, boxes and cans of food ranging from 420 jars of applesauce to 960 cans of tuna and 120 bottles of juice to 420 boxes of Hamburger Helper.

Goodfellows also provides family with some fresh food products, including apples and oranges, potatoes and carrots.

Five hundred pounds of carrots and twice that amount of potatoes were purchased and distributed in 2012.

All of those food products are taken to the preparation site where Goodfellows volunteers put the food into boxes for the families while trying to ensure equal distribution among larger and smaller families.

Goodfellows caters to families of all sizes from single individuals to families of six or more.

A small family may only receive one box; however, it's enough to food to last up to a week.

A large family with six or more may receive as many as four or five boxes of food that could last them for the same amount of time.

The biggest number to help make a difference for families is the financial donations, which can be dropped off at the Hastings Tribune any time before the end of the year.

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