2 of a kind times 2

Braiden and Elijah Eastman and Julian and Jaiden Lopez have a lot in common.
All are boys, all are twins, and, last month, all four were born at Mary Lanning Healthcare within 14 hours of each other.

The Mary Lanning staff welcomed both sets of brothers into the world on consecutive days — Nov. 12 and 13 — and the occurrence multiplied the already exciting atmosphere of the maternity ward, staff members said.

“It’s not the first time we’ve had several sets of twins come at the same time, but they are definitely more unusual,” said Shana Schultz, nurse manager of the Mary Lanning Family Care Center. “When we know there are twins on their way, we have two of everything. Two doctors and two nurses are in the delivery room, and we just adjust a little.”

The staff at Mary Lanning has delivered nine sets of twins so far in 2012, which Schultz said is consistent with past years. However she says that twins and triplets do tend to come in groups, like the Lopez and Eastman boys.

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