A familiar face at the wheel

A shopper walks along the storefronts at Cimarron Plaza

The tenants at Cimarron Plaza are confident that the consistent stream of patrons that shop at the open-air shopping center will increase substantially — and for the good of all — in the upcoming months.
The driver?

Johnson-Imperial, a Hastings real estate developer, announced this week that its president Chris Johnson and partner Fred Bosselman, CEO of Bosselman Energy, acquired the shopping center property from Hastings Consortium VII, a group of banks, as of Dec. 2.

A familiar face is taking the wheel.
"This is huge for the plaza and for Hastings," said Jeremy Anderson, regional president of Geneva State Bank. The Hastings branch of the bank has been at its Cimarron location since 2008. "I knew the previous owners pretty well, and it became clear that the property needed to be managed locally for it to be successful. I think that's exactly what Chris and Fred will offer."

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