Senior shows students pelts

Austin Alexander, 19, presented a program to
Longfellow students about his passion for
hunting and showed off pelts of a skunk, fox,
raccoon, coyote, bobcat, badger, mink, deer
and beaver.

After hunting and trapping throughout his youth, one Hastings man decided to share his passion with elementary students last month.

Austin Alexander, 19, has amassed a large variety of animal pelts and other trophies from his hunting adventures. His pelts include a badger, beaver, bobcat, coyote, fox, minx and skunk. He also has a mounted deer head and a few cleaned skulls taken from a badger, coyote and other animals.

He is proud of the collection because most of the pelts are from animals he has hunted or trapped. Only one isn’t his kill, a skunk pelt, though he has hunted skunk in the past.

Alexander enjoys the adrenaline rush he feels when the right animal comes along, which can take time.

Sometimes, he has to let animals pass him by so he can maintain his camouflage as he awaits his target. When young deer is in range, he continues to wait until a full-grown buck comes along.

Alexander loves hunting, especially with his friends and father, Mike. All the animals he has hunted or trapped were in the area.

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