White Christmas appears ahead of schedule

A white Christmas appears to be about a week ahead of schedule, as the first significant snowfall of the season in Hastings is expected to blanket the city with 3-6 inches beginning Wednesday afternoon.

Angela Oder, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Hastings, said this morning the low pressure storm system is working its way out of the Central Rockies toward the Nebraska/Kansas state line and is expected to push into south central Nebraska by midday Wednesday. And with 20-30 mph winds pushing it around, driving conditions could become difficult as the day wanes into night, particularly in rural areas. It won’t be any better on foot, either, because the wind chill factor figures to drop to 10 degrees before the day is done.

“If anybody has any errands to run or places to go in the afternoon or evening hours, get it in today or tonight,” Oder said. “If you do have to travel, make sure you let people know where you are going and when you are leaving. If you can stay home, that would be even better.”

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