Year in review: January, February

Caption/Description: Paleoartist Gary Staab, left, and Ross
Heeren put the final crimp on a medal cable while installing a
xiphactinus created by Staab January 27 at Hastings
Museum. The fish, which would have lived 100 million years
ago, is 14 feet long and the newest addition to the
Cretaceous sea exhibit.

Editor's note: Over the next six days, the Tribune will take a look back at memorable events in Tribland in 2012. This is the first part.

— Larry Woodman, chairman of the Adams County Board of Supervisors, announced that, after spending about one-third of his life serving the county, he would be retiring from the board at the end of 2012.

— Rural/Metro Ambulance Services announced it would close its doors March 1 after the city of Hastings and Adams County decided to drop their contract with Rural/Metro for emergency medical services, and instead to rely on the Hastings Fire Department for EMS coverage.

— Hastings resident Todd Oatman, 48, was sworn in as a 1st Ward representative on the Hastings City Council following the December 2011 death of Councilman Jim Ruberson.

— The Adams Central Board of Education voted unanimously to close the Ayr and Tri-View elementary sites and merge all students into the existing Juniata, Wallace and District 15 sites.

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