Then & Now: Dilly's Service Station/The Lamp Post

In this Dec. 13, 1972, file photo, Tommy Dean and the Girl
Friends perform at The Lamp Post lounge.

Then: No one ever thought that gas would cost more than 99 cents a gallon.

But, as Mary Sue Miller can attest, the day did come.

In the early '70s, her husband, Henry "Hank" Dilly, managed Dilly's Service Station at the corner of U.S. Highway 6 and Franklin Avenue, which was accompanied by a full-service, 24-hour cafe and was owned by Henry's parents Leona and Lester Dilly.

"All of our meters only went to 99 cents — two digits. We had to get all new gas pumps because it was impossible to charge $1 a gallon," Miller said. "I mean, $1 a gallon? That was seen as just about the end of the world. People thought that if it got that bad, no one would be driving anymore!"

But, drivers were not scared away from driving along Highway 6 — one of the state's main thoroughfares at the time — and patrons provided consistent business to the gas station and cafe.

Now: The property at 1206 W. J St. is now home to HK Sports Bar and Grill. The restaurant has undergone five major expansions and several name changes over the years, including Dilly's Cafe, The Lamp Post, Dilly's Lamp Post and Lounge and LoRayne's.

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