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Becky Yager of Hastings was certain this particular entry of hers submitted for this year’s Tribune cookbook contest was disposable.

Instead, “Diaper Dip” was the winning entry in the Snacks, Appetizers and Beverages category. A novelty entry best suited for baby showers and parties, the recipe proved such a hit at Tri-Center Community School in Iowa, where Yager taught first grade for 38 years, that she has kept it among her ample collection of recipes gathered through the years. That it survived the cut is no small feat, considering her home burned to the ground — with most of her recipes inside — in the mid-1980s.

“I had to start all over after the fire,” the 70-year-old mother and grandmother said. “My family helped me get back a lot of Mom’s family recipes.”

Yager says it was her mother, Frances, who fanned the flames of her culinary creativity.

“Mom never bought bread,” she said. “She made three loaves a week. I learned to cook from her.

“I love to cook, just for relaxation and fun. I look forward to it as an outlet. I read cookbooks all the time. I enjoy it.”


Becky Yager’s Diaper Dip won the Snacks, Appetizers and Beverages category for the Tribune’s All Seasons Cooking recipe contest. See recipe on page S3.

She has never served her winning dip at home, though she’s certain her two daughters, Mariah and Amanda — whom she says are also quite capable in the kitchen — would find its presentation hilariously funny. Made from a dozen ripe avocados, olives, salsa, tomatoes, sour cream and jalapenos, it is served in an unused disposable diaper (lined with plastic wrap for sanitary purposes), giving it the look of an accident no longer waiting to happen.

“It was a joke for my elementary principal’s birthday and they (staff) died laughing,” she said. “He thought it was hilarious. I like to have fun when I cook.”

A previous winner a few years back with her pumpkin cheesecake recipe entry, Yager, a transplant from Missouri Valley, Iowa, has been submitting recipes for the annual Tribune contest since moving here in 2013.

“It’s just fun to enter,” she said. “I always turn in a bunch of recipes. I enjoy recipes and I enjoy that section of the paper.

“I don’t get real serious when I cook, but I like to make things from scratch. This (dip) is one I haven’t made in a while.”

Yager’s reaction to learning her recipe was not only not dumped but actually won the category was one of mischievous surprise.

“I just laughed,” she said. “I told them (upon submission), ‘I know you can’t publish it.’ I can’t believe I won, but that’s fun.”

Diaper Dip

This is a great gag appetizer and dessert. I made it for my elementary principal’s birthday when I was teaching first grade. It was a huge hit.

12 ripe avocados

4 ounces sour cream

1 small can diced jalapenos

3 tomatoes, diced

1 small can sliced black olives

4 ounces chunky salsa

1 disposable diaper

Peel and remove pits from avocados.

Combine and blend the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

To serve: Line a disposable diaper with plastic wrap. Spoon in dip to just below the leg holes and serve with tortilla chips.


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