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^Can you dig it? 48 years later, the mystique of 'Shaft' continues<

^MOVIE-SHAFT:ND—<In 1971, the gritty action movie "Shaft" offered audiences the sight of a black hero shooting people, flouting social norms and mocking authority. John Shaft, played by actor Richard Roundtree, finally got to do all the things white action heroes had been doing for years.

Now, four decades later, a new "Shaft" aims to put a slightly gentler spin on a boundary-breaking character. It features Samuel L. Jackson in the title role — his second turn, after John Singleton's "Shaft" film in 2000 — while Jesse T. Usher plays his estranged son, J.J., a deskbound data analyst at the FBI. This version of "Shaft" may be rated R, but it goes for buddy comedy as much as action.

1150 (with trims) by Rafer Guzm n. MOVED


^Jack Quaid says 'I do' to starring in 'Plus One,' 'The Boys'<

^MOVIE-PLUSONE-QUAID:MCT—<It wasn't until after Jack Quaid finished filming the light romantic comedy "Plus One" that he started to experience the world of weddings that serves as the backdrop of the film. He and Maya Erskine play two close friends who spend every weekend attending the nuptials for a friend or family member. They finally agree to be each other's plus-one to help get through the relentless parade of wedding toasts, sappy ceremonies and happy couples.

"It's really weird how this panned out. Only right now am I entering the wedding extravaganza that Ben and Alice are in in the movie," Quaid says. "I had relatively little experience with weddings when I shot that but now, it's crazy. We wrapped the movie and my best friend proposed to his girlfriend and I just had another friend propose to his girlfriend. It's starting to happen. Maybe the movie prepared me in a way that I don't really realize yet."

700 by Rick Bentley. MOVED


^Central Park Five prosecutor Linda Fairstein slams Ava DuVernay's series 'When They See Us' as an 'outright fabrication'<

CENTRALPARKFIVE-PROSECUTOR:NY — Former city prosecutor Linda Fairstein is giving two thumbs down to Ava DuVernay's new miniseries about the Central Park Five case.

Fairstein, who's been hit with a wave of criticism for her handling of that case, slammed DuVernay's "When They See Us" as an "outright fabrication" that is "full of distortions and falsehoods" in a biting op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal.

400 by Peter Sblendorio in New York. (Moved as a national story.) MOVED



^Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill dies: Morbid, provocative — an unlikely hip-hop legend<

^BUSHWICKBILL-OBIT:LA—<Bushwick Bill terrified a vice president's wife into regulating song lyrics, released album art of himself bleeding on a gurney with a gunshot wound to the eye, and helped put Houston into the global hip-hop archipelago.

The 52-year-old rapper, born Richard Stephen Shaw, died Sunday in Colorado, according to representatives for Bill who spoke to the Associated Press. He had been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

1000 by August Brown. MOVED


^Mick Jagger says he's 'feeling pretty good' in first interview since heart operation<

^MUS-JAGGER:NY—<Here's some news that will be music to Rolling Stones fans' ears.

The legendary rocker gave a positive health update in his first interview since undergoing a heart operation that postponed his rock group's tour.

250 by Peter Sblendorio. MOVED


^Prince rules collector site Discogs' '100 Most Expensive Records' list<

^MUS-PRINCE-RECORDSLIST:MS—<Record geeks love Prince and his unconventional release methods. That was made obvious again by the predominant album-collectors website Discogs, which just issued a new list Monday of the "Top 100 Most Expensive Records," culled from its 14 years in the business of buying and selling rare music items.

350 by Chris Riemenschneider. MOVED


^J. Lo at 50: A-Rod, arenas and a surprisingly durable (even to her) career<

^MUS-LOPEZ:LA—<Jennifer Lopez strode into a soundstage on the Universal Studios lot with the crisp forward momentum of someone you'd hate to disappoint.

Alas, that's what was about to happen.

Clutching a bedazzled water bottle with her nickname spelled out in rhinestones, the singer-dancer-actor known as J. Lo had arrived at a recent rehearsal for her upcoming arena tour and wanted to know whether a specialized nonstick substance had been applied to the stage overnight. People wearing headsets conferred quietly with one another; eventually, a crew member said he hadn't been notified in time to allow the four or five hours the stage would need to dry.

"OK, Jen, no sliding today," the tour's director told Lopez, whose face crinkled briefly with irritation before smoothing out again. So she couldn't slide. She could still spin, jump, twirl, shimmy and twerk — all of which she proceeded to do in an assured run through the two-hour song-and-dance spectacle.

1250 by Mikael Wood in Los Angeles. MOVED



^Movie review: In this troubling reboot, plot gets 'Shaft'<

^SHAFT-MOVIE-REVIEW-ADV12:MCT—<In Hollywood, everything old is new again. As much as we whine and cry and gnash our teeth, intellectual property is king, simply because it's there, available to be rebooted, rehashed, reheated. Remember "Shaft"? How about more "Shaft," but with more hacky jokes about millennials and an incredibly ugly homophobic streak? After a trilogy of '70s blaxploitation films, a short-lived TV series and a 2000 reboot, cool New York City detective John Shaft is back again in, you guessed it, "Shaft," with a modern update that goes completely sideways in all the wrong ways. This Shaft is a bad mother all right, and it'd be better if he just shut his mouth.

600 by Katie Walsh. (Moving at 10 p.m. Eastern Wednesday due to embargo. To be added to our embargoed movie reviews email list, email tcanews@tribpub.com.)


^What we learned from the new 'Frozen 2' trailer<

^MOVIE-FROZEN2-TRAILER:LA—<Princess Anna and Queen Elsa's mysterious adventure just got a bit clearer now that Disney has just dropped the first full trailer for "Frozen 2."

February's teaser raised more questions than answers about the sisters' latest voyage outside the protective gates of Arendelle.

Tuesday's new sneak peek showed Anna and Elsa (voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, respectively) setting off to further understand Elsa's magical freezing abilities and how the answer could be threatening their kingdom.

700 by Nardine Saad. MOVED


^Review: 'The Spy Behind Home Plate' presents a ballplayer who was one of a kind<

^SPY-HOMEPLATE-MOVIE-REVIEW:LA—<They don't make baseball players like Moe Berg anymore. Judging by Aviva Kempner's authoritative and engrossing documentary "The Spy Behind Home Plate," they likely never did.

Known as "the brainiest man in baseball," Berg spoke numerous languages, studied Sanskrit at the Sorbonne and during his 15 years in the major leagues liked to travel with a suitcase full of newspapers, books and magazines.

700 by Kenneth Turan. MOVED


^DeLorean fans talk their wheels, new Alec Baldwin movie<

^MOVIE-FRAMINGDELOREAN:ND—<Back in the 1980s, when Dr. David Delman was a medical resident at Stony Brook University, he suffered serious car envy — and the condition was chronic.

One of his professors drove a DeLorean, the sports car known for its starring role as a souped-up time machine in the "Back to the Future" film trilogy.

"I fell in love with it but never could afford one," Delman says.

So he saved up. Now a physiatrist living in Jericho, Delman bought his first DeLorean — "a fixer-upper" — in 2002. He now owns two (one gas-powered, one electric), which set him apart from most in the crowd when he recently attended the premiere of "Framing John DeLorean," a new movie (part-documentary, part-dramatization) from directors Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce, and starring Alec Baldwin in reenacted scenes as the legendary maverick auto executive.

450 by Joseph V. Amodio in Long Island, N.Y. MOVED



^'Jessica Jones' team happy to be able to say goodbye<

^VID-JESSICAJONES:MCT—<Saying farewell to a television show is often painful for actors because so often the end comes without warning. The team behind the Netflix series "Jessica Jones" is dealing with a finale as the third season — set to launch Friday — will be the last. What's cushioned the blow slightly is they were given enough warning to be able to load up the last episodes with story ideas that will give the cast and crew as much closure as possible.

The final season shows what happens when Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), a New York City private investigator who has unbelievable strength, crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath. Jones and her best friend, Trish (Rachael Taylor), must repair their relationship to be able to combine their skills to stop the deadly threat. The cast also features Carrie-Anne Moss, Eka Darville, Benjamin Walker, Jeremy Bobb, Sarita Choudhury and Rebecca De Mornay.

700 by Rick Bentley in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Disney Channel's Tobie Windham ready to 'Just Roll with It'<

^TV-JUSTROLL-WINDHAM:MCT—<"Just Roll with It" star Tobie Windham admits that he's a little bit out there. An actor would have to be to take on the unpredictable format of the new Disney Channel series wherein the studio audience gets to vote on the outcome of key scenes during the show.

Windham was eager to play Byron, a radio DJ who plunges into any adventure with his newly blended family, in this part-sitcom, part-improvisational comedy production. The Alabama native has always looked for projects that pushed him. It's the only way he can find out what are his full comedic capabilities are.

700 by Rick Bentley in Anaheim, Calif. MOVED




^VID-NEWONDVD:MCT—<New on DVD: 'Wonder Park' amusing but not a thrill ride

650 by Rick Bentley. MOVED



^VID-DVDRELEASE:MCT—<List of DVD release dates for June 11 and beyond

100. MOVED



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