Faces of Tribland: Barb Shriver

Barb Shriver applauds the participants of the Adams County
Spellng Bee Wednesday at Juniata Elementary School.

S-e-p-a-r-a-t-e. Separate.

“That’s a tricky word to spell,” said Barb Shriver, noting that many writers replace the first “a” with an “e,” trying to align the word’s spelling with its phonetic pronunciation.

The word access is another tough one. A-c-c-e-s-s. It’s tempting to put an “x” in there, or forget a “c” or a “s.”

Words like these are commonly mixed up by spellers of all ages, and have also been precarious when they’ve appeared in the Adams County Spelling Bee over the years.
When Barb Shriver encounters words like these, she notices. She corrects them in her mind. She remembers when students have spelled them into the microphone.

This was the eighth and final year that Shriver served as the head volunteer of the spelling bee, which she estimates has been an annual event since the 1950s. The event has always been run by a point volunteer or team of volunteers, with the help of teachers and parents from all the participating schools.
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