An operation in education at Mary Lanning

Registered nurse Jessica Yurk puts an oxygen monitor on
Longfellow third-grader Olivia Terwey's finger during a
lesson about what happens when you have surgery
Wednesday at Mary Lanning Healthcare.

She wore a hospital gown. The wrist bracelet had her name and birth date. A blood pressure cuff clung to her arm. A clip on her finger monitored her oxygen intake. Another monitor measured her heart rate.

Olivia Terwey, 8, was being prepped for surgery.

She and her fellow third-grade students from Longfellow Elementary School got a glimpse into surgical preparation during a visit Wednesday to Mary Lanning Healthcare.
A couple of students had surgery in the past, but for most, the preparation for a mock surgery was a completely new experience.

Wednesday’s visit was part of Mary Lanning’s Operation Education tour. Tours started in January with preschoolers and first-grade students visiting the pediatric unit.

In February, third-graders from across the community were invited to a mock surgical area. Tours will continue in March with fifth-graders checking out the rehabilitation center to discuss sports injuries.

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