Students fine tune harmonica skills

Artist-in-residence David Seay leads Longfellow Elementary
School fourth-graders in song while they practice their
harmonicas Friday at the school.

David Saey, a musician with the Nebraska Arts Council, is spending five days at Longfellow teaching students about unique instruments and the ease of writing a song.

During the five days, he will meet with each of the three fourth-grade classes a total of four times as they write songs and learn to play the harmonica.

When asked why he teaches the harmonica, Saey said it's simple.

"You can't go wrong with a harmonica, whether it's 6-year-olds, high-schoolers or even senior citizens," he said. "Everyone enjoys that ability to play something well within just a few minutes. Of course the nice part is if you practice, you can play stuff that is much more sophisticated."

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