Students package meals headed for Philippines

St. Michael's fifth-grader Cale Gowen adds a scoop of
dehydrated vegetables to a meal as students volunteer at
Kids Against Hunger Tuesday morning to help reach the
Feed the Philippines 100,000 meal goal.

Kids lined up to help feed other kids this morning at the First Presbyterian Church.
Students in fourth and fifth grades at St. Michael's School manned an assembly line to create meal packages to be shipped to the storm-racked Philippines.

Four students took turns putting in a scoop of broth mix, a scoop of dehydrated vegetables, a cup of soy and a cup of rice. After the ingredients were funneled into a bag, other students weighed the filled bag and sealed it for packaging.

"We get to do all this stuff together," said Linnea Howe, 10. "It's really good team work."

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