Then & Now: S&H Green Stamps

The S&H Green Stamps redemption center at 900 W. Second
St. opened in February 1964. This photo from January 1976
shows the store in it's same location in the Tribune building.
Green Stamps were phased out in the late 1980s.

Then: From the 1930s to the 1980s, green stamps were a type of currency that left children with raw tongues and sticky fingers and mom with a new toaster or set of dishes.

S&H Green Stamps were acquired at retail stores, grocery store and gas stations and could then be used to redeem a variety of products through catalogues or redemption centers.

There was one such store in Hastings that for many years was in the Tribune Building at 900 W. Second St. It opened there in February 1964.

Now: It has been decades since the redemption center in Hastings closed its doors for good and most people don’t have any of the books of stamps around anymore but the memories are still vivid for many.
“I would go places where I could get them. I probably went and bought some things I didn’t need just so I could get more Green Stamps,” said 81-year-old Jeanine Myers, a lifelong Hastings resident.

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